This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
201020004 kiju
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Re: Coffee.

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i don't enjoy coffee, but during the test period time, i had drinking coffee too much
because the coffee help me stay awake,
but i try to abstain it..

200920891 NaHwi
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Re: Coffee.

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Actually I usually drink ade or smoothie and tea instead of coffee.
Because drinking coffee disturb falling asleep.
But sometimes I drink coffee to concentrate my lecture.

201020899 AhnHyunJin
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Re: Coffee.

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I do love coffee like you : D.
However, I cannot agree with the research that you mentioned about the possible harm effect of coffee.
Because I drink two or three cups of coffee everyday but I have never felt any nervousness or insomnia.
Do you think coffee effects on human body a lot?

200920898 saebom
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Re: Coffee.

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I don't drink coffee..
because when I drink coffee, I have a stomache.
so, I feel envious to coffee drinkers^^
I want to eat many kinds of coffee.

what do you think good thing for subtitute coffee?^^

201020501 songeun
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Re: Coffee.

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I love coffee.
Originally, I like sweet coffee, but I think of the health and calorie so, drinking an Americano.
My boyfriend Americano like , he added two shots :(
Someday I want to learn how to make coffee!!! :)

200920611 Yoo Minji
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Re: Coffee.

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hello, hye won !
today is nice day!!!!
i love coffee. Especially, i love Americano...
do you like Americano?

201020118 Jo Eun Jeong
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Nowadays When most of people don't concentrate on something, They drink coffee. The number of people who drink coffee has increased steadily.
Proper quantity of coffee helps remember and learn something in the short term.
But If you are addicted to caffeine, you are fretful, get angry, have insomnia and complain of a headache.

200820937 Jun-Ha Choe
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Re: Caffeine

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I like the coffee.

I have been drinking a cup of coffee daily.

Drinking coffee seems to be well-focused.

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Re: Caffeine

Post by 201020188kanginseon »

I don't like Caffeine...I don't drink americano ... is it delicious?

201021351 ka young
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Re: Caffeine

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I like coffee. But I don't drink coffee everyday.
Because I know coffee is not healthy for our body.

201020495 Park Na Hye
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Re: Caffeine

Post by 201020495 Park Na Hye »

i really like coffee

i drink 4~5 cups a day...

i know it's bad for my health and i want to quit it.

but i can't....

what should i have to do....

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Re: Caffeine

Post by 201021585 »

Oh, I love coffee!
So... Though coffee have much caffeine, I will drink coffee again and again.

200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik
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Re: Caffeine

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Eating a little caffeine is good for health.
but Eating a lot of caffeine is not good for health.
everything is like that.
Alcohol is also like that !

201020952 kim hye kyung
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Re: Caffeine

Post by 201020952 kim hye kyung »

It 's useful information. :P
If I intake caffeine excessively, I have the problem in body.
So, I don't like coffee.
I don't drink much coffee. However,I drink an Americano often.
Despite I know that caffeine is harmful in body,I have drinking green tea,too.
I drink 2-3 cups daily.
If so, Do you know that how much green tea daily is good?

200920612/Seoung O
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Re: Caffeine

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I like coffee.
and my friends like coffe too.
so, we don't care of addiction to caffein.
hum..........I think that problem seriously. ã… .ã… 

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