mental health

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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mental health

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Maybe, most people would think physical things at the first when they hear relating to health stuff.
but I might it's because I am majoring in psychology, when I heard this subject I came up with mental issue at first.
I'm sure you guys heard at once that Korea is in the top rank of the world about suicide problem.
I think that issue shows we have to do care about our mental health when we feel stressful but we are lacking concerning about mental health personally and socially.
To alleviate this problem I think we should reinforce awareness of mental health education since we are childhood.
because one reason we are depressed might be coming from doing not know how to control our stress.
so if we are educated control stress well by expert in the school it could be easier to handle the stress things in our daily.
And we need to have attitude of ragarding mental health as a big deal.
keep in mind, illness come from mind.

201021038 Hyun Jeong
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Hello~everyone. Spring is already in the air^^
I think that the stress is one of the most important thing about health.
Moderate stress is not harmful but too much stress is not good for your health.
So I think controlling stress is important. Actually almost people have their own method releasing the stress.
they are various and all different. And they can be both good and bad for you.

In my case, I just eat continuously. Breads, rice, fruits, snack, and so on.
I think that is very bad but I couldn't help it.
And after that I regret every time. And think 'I have to go on a diet, lose weight.'
My style causes a vicious circle I think.
So I want and will change my method.
Anyway I hope everyone have nice and effective way to release stress.

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Re: Stress

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my method of releasing stress is fitness activity this is really cool

i recommend this thing. this makes your body like S. i sure about this!!!!

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Re: Stress

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I think that most method of stress relief is hobby.
I'm received stress, I playing game and web surffing.

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Re: mental health

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Mental health is as important as physical health.
Sick of mental health is more difficult to heal than physical health.
That is not visible process of healing, so people do not feel heal.
Therefore we need interest to our health.
Mental sick is cause of many illness.

I hope your mental is healthy.
By the way, What do you do for your mental health?

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Re: Stress

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yeah, i think so too. Today, no matter how small or big, everyone has stresses. People have a variety of ways to find a vent for their stress. However, they do not feel like they have released all the stress they have. To release stress effectively, FIRST! one needs to find the cause of his or her stress. Stress can be different according to one's job and age. Mostly people get their stress from their place and role. If one identifies the cause of their stress, it will be easy for them to lose the stress.

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Re: mental health

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yes. I think so too..
mental health is very important, and they causes physical illness..
when I take the stress, and I feel little physical sicks like headache and stomache.

what is your method solve the stress problem?^^

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Re: Stress

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I think you aren't having health care
Looking for a information on the Internet to how to health care

Do you feel any pain anywhere?

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Re: mental health

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Learn about mental health in schools is an interesting idea.
If I Had learned about mental health in schools, maybe i have taken a little steessful.

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Re: Stress

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It is improtant get to know what is reason
You need to take a break :D

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Re: Stress

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hello,Hyun Jeong!
of Course, stress is not good health
Regular exercise is good for stress!
but i don't like a exercise...haha

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Re: mental health

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mental health is really really important.
I went to the dentist, oh my god, six of my teeth was rotten.
oh, that was terrible.
so, I will never sleep without brushing my teeth.
oh, keeping your mental health is really important!

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Re: Stress

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my method of releasing stress is exercise!
I think exercise is good way for releasing stress.

but.. sad to say i have no time to exercise enough..

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Re: Stress

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I think skills that deal with stress well are very important. And I want to have those skills but it's not easy for me.
In my case, when I get too much stress then I don't do anything. It's not good way. Because when I don't do anything,
I still think about things that I have to do. So I get stress again. Also, this is vicious circle.

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Re: mental health

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I think mental health is important. As I think, mental and physical thing are connecting each other.
So if someone is sick in mind, he is sick in body, too. In order to maintain health, we should take care of mind and body.
And we have to conquer, handle stress.
To do that, I often do listen the music, I laugh aloudly at the funny somethings like TV, comic book, et cetera, I walk around park under a sunny sky.
What do you do when you feel stressed? And what`s the best way that reduce stress?

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