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This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
201020474 eunji kim
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Re: Stress

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you same as me ã… .ã… 
When I stress, I eat everything as possible I can.
I know that eating too much hurts my physical even mental.
But I can't fix my bad habit.
These days, I'm very stressed about reports. So I was overeating.

200920891 NaHwi
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Re: Stress

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I agree with your opinion.
I mean too much stress have a big effect on health.
When I got too much stress, I feel like cut my life.
For example, I get stress when I'm very busy.
I prefer leisurely to busy.
So, what about you? What times do you get stress?

201020540 Lee Do Rim
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Re: mental health

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I really agree with your idea.
Before we were university studuent we only had to think about studying
But now we have to think about so many things and people say we have to
decide by oursleves because we are grown up.
I think this makes big stress for ous.

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Re: Stress

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I agree with your opinion!
i think that moderate stress is good, but too much stress is not good too.
and the most important thing is how to handle our stress.
in my case, when i'm very stressful, I go to the shopping.
after shopping i feel relaxing.

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Re: Stress

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Yeah, Your opinion is right.

Stress makes destroying our mind and body.

I think rest is goood for our stress.

My opinion of Rest is Absolutely rest, no acting for everything.

Are you agree this opinion?

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