Do you exercise regularly?

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
201020191 KIm San
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Do you like exercise? Do you work out regularly to keep fit?
I think..many people don't like exercise.
Beacuse a regular exercises is tired and annoyed, fed up!
But As you know full well exercise is very healthy for your body and mind
and There are many good result on people who exercise.
Exercise helps people reach and maintain a healthy body weight.
people who exercise have strong muscles, bones and joints.
Exercise helps in the development of interpersonal skills, especially for people
who play team sports. Fitness improves overall sleep.
people who are regularly active prevent or delay the onset of heart disease, diabetes,
obesity and hypertension.
That's why My opinion is do exercise for healthy!!!!!!!!

201020223 lee ji youn
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Re: exercise!

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yes yes , exercise is very important!!
In my defense,
i want exercise! but i'm very busy..............kkkkkkkkkkkkk
so i'm going to be exercise on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

201020235 Choi in young
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Re: exercise!

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yes...i know~ but exercise is very hard~~~~~!
do u know easy exercise~?????????????????zz...

201020580 chaeyeon
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Actually, exercise is really necessary for healthful life.
but I hate exercise... I just like breath exercise lol
and also I spent too much time because my home is too far from this univ. I don't have enough time!!
when I back to my home, I always just fell in sleep. T_T

so my stamina is going to lower, lower, and lower than yesterday.
It is not only my problem but also modern man's problem.

SO, I will exercise on vacation to strength my stamina. I want to live more lol
How about you guys? Your body is OK? :)

201020580 chaeyeon
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Re: exercise!

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oh it's so surprise! your subject is same with me. even '!'. I don't know before see your post... lol
yes, exercise is absolutely important to us. but actually it is bother too ... :) and also I don't have enough time.T_T
TOO MANY homeworks, reports... T_T

200720688 Joong koo
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Regular exercise

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Do you exercise regularly?
Regular exercise is important for your health.
Regular exercise also improves your brain function.
Some people say that you can achieve a general diminution in your stress level by taking regular exercise.
When you exercise regularly, you are more likely to lose weight and less likely to suffer from insomnia and other illnesses.
Studies have always shown that regular exercise is good for a person’s health.
To stay fit, healthy diet and regular exercise will have to become a daily routine.

201020037 Tae Kyoung
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Re: exercise!

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Yeah, It need also for future solider (It means I should join the army this year...LOL)

200920055 hyunjae
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Re: exercise!

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I think so. You got great idea.
It seems doing exercise everyday is every healthy the olds motto.
I see old mans are taking subway even if they don't have to go anywhere. They must be doing exercise. Aren't they?

201020117 Hye Jin
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Re: Regular exercise

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I know exercise is good for me but difficult to practice...........
Because I am lazy. :oops: Do you like exercise?

200920610 OhMiRae
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Do you exercise regularly?

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Hello :) This time, topic is 'Health.' I try to tell exercise.
In order to keep health, we have to exercise regularly.
But doing exercise regularly is very very difficult because people so busy in these days.
People work in weekdays, and on weekends, people want to take a break at home.
And exercise is hard. For example, hiking, walking, running on a treadmill, etc.
In my case, I'm not busy, but I lazy... So I have to exercise, but I keep postpone.

Do you exercise regularly?
If so, you are so great! :P

200720340 woo young
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Re: Do you exercise regularly?

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I am just like you..
I know I have to work out regularly for my health...
but I postpone it too...
and I used excuses like " I am super busy" or "it's too cold outside to work out"
I have made my mind to exercise since last autumn...
but.. I havent acutally done yet...

I am lazy too and I dont like being wet with perspiration....

200820371 sehee
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I really don’t like exercise. Therefore, I usually use bus even for a short distance rather than walk.
Moreover, I always eat something just before I sleep.
Of course I know that these are kind of bad habits, however, it is not easy to break these habits at once.
In addition, I’ve believed that I don’t get weight no matter how much I eat.
But one day, my friend told me that she think I’ve got some weights, and she wanted me to play badminton with her on every Sunday.
Actually, I didn’t want to play badminton at all, but finally I decided to follow her suggestion.
Since I play badminton with her regularly, I’m getting healthier.

If you don’t like exercise just like me, I would suggest you to work out with your friends.
Because it not only can help you to make better relationship with your friends, but it also can help you to keep your body healthier.

201021694 Son So-hee
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Re: Do you exercise regularly?

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Exercising regularly is really really important!
But I don`t exercise..too..
Because I`m very busy thesedays, not like the past.^^;
However, I try to exercise in various ways.
Actually that is better to said just walking from the 역곡 station to the school or from the subway station to my home.

Also today, I decide to exercise! But I`ll try?.. :D

201021038 Hyun Jeong
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Re: Do you exercise regularly?

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I really want to exercise regularly!!!
But that's really hard I think.
Frankly speaking I always think and plan everyday exercising.
And actually I register fitness center regularly.
The fitness center is in the dorm building so very close. But I don't go often.
"irresoluteness" this is the best word...maybe...

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I were deIayed for lacking of English....ㅜㅜ
I think... it's important for health to exercise!
We should exercise regularly!

because.. moderate exercise is good for the health.
For example, many doctor says, people should exercise for health.

And..Exercise have an effects on diet!!
It is very important for women.^^

But, an excessive exercise can put strain on body..

Therefore we always keep regular hours and take moderate exercise.^^

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