Do you exercise regularly?

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
200920612/Seoung O
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Re: exercise

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yes, I agree your thinking.
Exercise is good when people do proper.

200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik
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Exercise in daily life

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these days, all of people is very busy.
so they usually say "i have no time for exercise"
how about you? everyday are you busy for going school, doing homework, studying hard ?
but you want to have nice body, isn't it ?
if so, you will be start exercising in daily life.
do not use the elevator! go upstaris to walk!
from subway station come to school on foot, do not boaring the bus.
now, you can exercise every day !! you will be health more than before.

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Re: exercise!

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201020037 Tae Kyoung wrote:Yeah, It need also for future solider (It means I should join the army this year...LOL)
You need exercise? When you go army? Oh It's wierd!
I think exercise is not important for go to the army before see your reply.
Stamina is also important thing in army test? Anyway, you have to exercise in there when you go to the army.
Do you go to the army maybe next semester?... T_T
Enjoy your life now! Time waits for no one!

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Re: Exercise in daily life

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I always wants nice body!
but It's a real drag to exercising..
Your opinion makes me decide to exercise.
Could you inform me more simply exercising?

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Re: exercise!

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I can Do it! i will lose weight!

but....exercise is very hard to me...

my boyfriend is a muscular and skinny.

he said "you're very pretty and beautiful so, you don't loseing weight!"

but...i am running to fat these days. everyday we're eating delicious foods :(

so, you better way to try to lose weight?!

200720615 Suin
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Re: Exercise in daily life

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I agree with your opinion. Many modern man is not enough time to exercise.
As a result, they become unhealthy.
I have a healthy body, but I'm a little chubby. So, I try to exercise, but It is not easy.
because, I have a variety of challenges and a works.
So, So I think that your idea is very good.
You still try to exercise in daily life? :)

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Koreans, need to exercise more.

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Today, most Koreans seem to be not exercising.
They usually don't exercise the amount they should be.
They all use cars, even to the close places.
My mom, when I see her daily routine, I see her doing no exercise at all since she has a car to go to her workplace and back home.
She says that she really doesn't have time to do exercise. This is common in many other Korean adults.

201020838 Youn-je
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Re: Koreans, need to exercise more.

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No!! I do not agree on you.
In Health care center, there are many huge muscular monsters!!!
But so lazy;; but i tried to go there to exercise!!

Daeun Lee
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Re: Do you exercise regularly?

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Ewww, i did exercise regularly this summer, however now i don't. I know i have to exercise again, but a freezing weather distrupt my will :( I think regular exercising is very important and ... is it common in another country? i don't know well.. anyway. I felt a sense of satisfaction at the first 3 days and... become lazy... and then failed. My resolution to walk everyday had been always last only a few days before this summer. But i found that after a week of steady efforts, i want to walk more and regularly. I found pleasure through losing weight.

But I think Korean education system can be one of the main factors. In Korea, many students just concentrate on study and neglect exercising. I was shocked when my high school reduced the PE class to increase additional study class. We have to aware that the exercise is basic activity. And then…we need to overcome the individual laziness! Let’s take a walk! It’s start of exercising. 

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Re: Do you exercise regularly?

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I experienced that by exercising, I had self-confidence and felt happy in my life.
these days I didn't exercise regularly, but I will do exercise from now on!

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Re: Do you exercise regularly?

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yes, you are right. exercise is core point to health. many people do not exercise. it is because they are lazy. but the people have to think that if they do not exercise, they will be more and more weak.
of course, i exercise regularly. hahaha.

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Re: Do you exercise regularly?

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Yeah of course I do exercise regularly in my daily routine because I want to maintain my health and fitness level.
My routine workout include cardio and abs workout such as jogging, running, cycling, swimming, push ups, pull ups, and sits ups etc.

Exercise and Fitness

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