Organic food

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200920055 hyunjae
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About eating organic food

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I think eating organic food is really important to keeping health.
Our home always order vegetables, some fruits to favorite
Sometimes we order milk too.
It feels more fresh than other milk which is selling in E-mart.
I can't say organic foods are very delicious but I'm sure they are good for health.
So, eating organic food is very efficient way to keeping health.
We don't have to exercise everyday, just eat food with happy.
Only negative attribute is organic food is little bit expensive than normal.
But we solve that as to make only we can eat. Not making left.
First time It feels strange. But now I know this way is not only keeping health but also saving earth.

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Organic food

Post by 201021011YISEUL »

These days, ' well-being ' is very important in our lives.
Accordingly organic food is attracted public attention too.

By eating organic food, people can protect themselves from harmfulness environment.

Also organic food has a lot of vitamins and minerals. because it has not chemical additive! :D

For this reason, in contrast to instant food, organic food is nature friendly product..

Furthermore organic food can prevent againist environmental reason that it not use agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer.

201021685 Baek Min Woo
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Re: Organic food

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i love to eating organic food.
but we give double pay to eat.
beacause growing the organic food needs more time,money,effort though it is small in output.
so unfortunately everyone can't eat organic food.
organic food is good for health. but lt's expensive, isn't it? and how often do you eat organic food ?

200720274 Kim minsoo
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Re: Organic food

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i like well-being. i want... but..I'm just self-boarding student
organic food...yes....too good...but too expensive..
you eat organic food? is it delicious? i want to,...
well-being foog in too important. but i think exercise is too important
I will exercise really hard every day

201020194 kim ye eun
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Re: Organic food

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I think that it is really health our lives. do u think so?

but It has some problem .

as u know , It is too expensive .

theseday some seller cheat consumer to sell food .

what do u think of these situation?

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Re: Organic food

Post by 200820204Byundongmin »

I know a organic food. because My health is not good. so I often eat organic food. do you like it???

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Re: Organic food

Post by johnhodges »

Organic food is healthier and not processed i haven't had much of it but i've had organic milk and it is really good u can drink it by itself the only problem is that is isnt as cheap as regular foods.
When i m doing graduation, i used this topic for my dissertation writing. dissertation on organic food help me to know deeply how important the organic food to keep us healthy.

Daeun Lee
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Re: Organic food

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I know that organic food is good for our health…but still it is NOT tasty ;( So I rarely eat it. Lots of healthy food actually tastes dryness and most fast foods or instant foods are yummy. But due to well-being trend, there are so many organic food markets today. We can easily find them here and there. Many housewives prefer organic foods.

So it usually costs more than normal food. But, I often doubt that the foods are real organic worth expensive price. Is it truly safety? Hmm.. In any case, today’s almost snacks and foods become organically. And surely it’s a good phenomenon. Maybe my responsibilities will be “adjusting to the organic taste”. It’s bland and plain. But that’s exactly good for our health.

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