Regular life

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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200820035 Tae ho
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Regular life

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I think regular life is very important.
Regular life is good for body.
Early to bed, Early rising give you balance.
And Regular exercise is also very important.
Keep in mind, exercise is to once in two days.
This is because the muscles to rest.
As you keep exercising, you should drink water.
The water is effective in fat decomposition.
Also, Eat fruit that is good and steady.
If it this way, ensure your body health.
But you should avoid alchol.
Alcohol affect your body to harm.

200820624 soo-jung Choi
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Regular life

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This time, I'm talk about general health. :)
The number of people thinks keeping health is simple. Experts generally agree that.
When we lives a well-regulated life, can do it continuing health.
Have a good meal at dinner time, doing exercise, take a good sleep.
But contrary to our expectations, this rules difficult to keep.
Because we think that's just obiously, pass over that.
This subject connects with my experience. After I entrance into college, during a two years, lived in old dormitary.
There was located near the library, had eatablished in 15 years. That time, food expenses is not include in boarding fees.
So I hasn't eaten anything you could call a decent meal. And do not exercise. A year later, my health get worse.
Therfore I decided to regular lives in dormitary. Now my health is better than before. :D
Keeping your heath!

200920611 Yoo Minji
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Re: Regular life

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hello. Tae ho !
did you say drinking water is good for health?
I will drinking water from tomorrow!

201020540 Lee Do Rim
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Re: Regular life

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That is so true...
But it's really hard thing to me.
I live alone so I usually do not get up eally before the class.
It's too hard th getting up earlly for me and no one hepls me.
And at night I usually sleep about 2 or 3.

Know my body is getting tired with this life.
so I think I have to have a regular life.
How did you ge a regular life?

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Re: Regular life

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Regular life is good for us. But it 's hard for us.

We have a weak will power....

How can I keep the Regular life?

How can I Keep will power?

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Re: Regular life

Post by rafflysia »

Regular life is good but how can you ENJOY life itself if you'll follow the regular life?

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Re: Regular life

Post by boxcar »

It seems to me enjoyment is more of a matter of the mind rather than what you are doing.

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