You like to drink?

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
201020612 Jinseon Hong
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Many peaple drink alcohol. but, I think excessive drinking is bad on your body.
Especially on skin and liver. so that act is not very good.
so We need to know how much we can drink. and we should drink moderately. ^^

200721423 Lee YongNam
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Re: drinking

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I think so. A huge of quantity of alcohol is not good for health.
Although we know the truth, we can't control it because of difficult games.
If you want to drink moderately, you have to practice how to play some games.
I'm practicing some games because im a returning student.
Are you good at playing some games??

200720690 Yi Hwang
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Re: drinking

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However, it is necessary to drink alcohol in social life.

201020117 Hye Jin
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Do you think drinking is a bad thing?
The answer is 'not'.
A little of alcohol is one drinks a day for women, two drinks for men and is good for the heart.
Because alcohol has ingredient as a tonic. Moreover, it helps life extention and reduces stress.

However, there is an active drink culture in South Korea.
One of the Korea drink culture's fault is excessive drinking.
Excessive drinking lead to a fatty liver, decline sense of equilibrium and Alcohol Dementia.
Moreover another fault is way of relieve a hangover. Korean prefer spicy and salty soup for a hangover.
This is a bad habit that is heavy on the stomach and liver.
Therefore we maintain a healthy body by ingesting of appropriate alcohol.

201020774 hong seung pyo
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Re: Dringking

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i know a small drinking for our health
but alcohol is very addicted one drink and two drink... and my spirit go to the heaven lol
mederation of alcohol its hard...

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Re: Dringking

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201020677 bang da som 61class

i can't drinking well. beacase my mom,my father they are same habits.
but sometimes l really want to drinking very well and then my friends have a funny times.
just 1 time ã… ã… ã… ã…  i know drinking harmful for my bodys. but i think it is okay just one time.ã…Žã…Ž

200420001 sang wook Kang
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Re: Dringking

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HI. I like to drink beers, soju and so on. I think these are good when we use for good.
But the problem is next thing. Many of us force other person to drink alcohols. So I think this habit, mood is wrong.
I think we have to just make a good mood to drink properly and should not force other person to drink alcohols.

201020629 Namhee
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Since the start of this semester, I have drunken alcohol almost every day
except the examination period. I got stress and depressed especially in this semester,
so I relied on alcohol. However, now I know it wasn't a good decision.
I gained weight and my stress and depression didn't get away.
Alcohol makes us feel good when we drink it,
but it cannot solve the main problem. Moreover,
when we drink it too much we could be a alcoholic.
Alcoholism can cause many health problems and negative social consequences.
Alcohol is not good for cerebration, so it can reduce our memory.
Also, it can cause heart attack and liver cirrhosis.
There are many social problems caused by alcoholism too. It can contribute to domestic violence and marital conflict.
Also there can be a serious car accident caused by drunk driving.

201020850 Leechorok
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Re: Alcoholism

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I like drinking!!!!!
I like alcohol!!
But I really don't like get out of bounds.

201020501 songeun
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You like to drink?

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You like to drink?

Hmm,last year I am "freshmen", l have many events so, too much to drink :(

Nowadays,I am 2 grades so, my fiends study hard and the boys to enlist in the army

This time Quit drinking for a diet , I have to study hard!!! you do not also do that???

We're get a scholarships before die?!? :D :D

201020088 DaJung,Lee
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Re: Dringking

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but many drinking is not good for the body.
It also makes getting fat.
If you think your health, don't drink.

201020690 ahn sung real
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Re: You like to drink?

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i don't like drinking
but i love that mood! haha

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In these days, we have a lot of appointment to drink.
But as you know, Excessive drinking is bad for your health.
Binge drinking was built into the campus culture already. We have to fix this culture as soon as.
And, Binge drinking was built into the campus culture.

201020872 강성진
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Re: Drinking

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i agree with your opinion

we should change campus culture

but if you drank alcohol suitably, drinking should be good for you!

201020066 sondahee
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Re: Drinking

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i agree youre opinion.
too much drinking is harm.
lastday drinking culture is very not good.
Drinking is compulsory.
but theseday drinking culture is not compulsory.

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