You like to drink?

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
201020484 hankyeol
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Re: You like to drink?

Post by 201020484 hankyeol »

I think so that. I don't like to drink.
But I think drinking is good for social life. This mean is drinking have a magic power.
However, i think so, too. Drinking isn't good for health.
As I have told you over and over, Drinking is necessary evil at keeping social life.
Don't you think so, too?

201020665 Tae-joon
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Re: You like to drink?

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I don't like soju because it is bitter to taste.
but I like beer with talking.
and drinking party is funny

201020690 ahn sung real
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Re: You like to drink?

Post by 201020690 ahn sung real »

i don't like drinking
but i like that's mood!
drinking mood is so funny
but!!! 토 is very dirty..

201020502 Shin hye
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Re: You like to drink?

Post by 201020502 Shin hye »

I don't like drink's taste TT
I don't drink well.......because when i drink, my face is red
but i like that mood with drink
with drink we open our mind ^^

201020143 SongJinYoung
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Re: You like to drink?

Post by 201020143 SongJinYoung »

You ask us~ 'You like to drink?' Universal we say Yes!!
But i Say, i'm drink but don't very very like that!!
I like Drink Atmosphere~ many people say his or her's stroy~and talk about that
i Think most people Iike this Thing. Drink help talk about Frank story!

(Aplus) Lee Dae jae
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Re: Drinking

Post by (Aplus) Lee Dae jae »

I also think drinking alcohol is bad for health.
Some people could think that adequate drinking is good for health and social relationship.
The biggest problem, however, is drinking adequately is very hard.

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Re: You like to drink?

Post by boxcar »

I've been drunk very few times in my life and I can't remember a time it was particularly fun or worthwhile. Plus my body feels like crud the next day, it's just not worth it.

(102)Wonjae LEE
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Re: You like to drink?

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Even though i can hold my liquor, i don't enjoy drinking. For me, alcohol tastes like water. The only reason i drink is that i enjoy talking with my friends having drink.

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Re: You like to drink?

Post by (102)YangChulJoo »

When i first came to university, I drink a lot. First, everything looks just fine. But after one month, I became really fat. I think alcoholic disease all came from the fat. It contains a lot of fat so you became really fat. Next time you drink, please keep in mind that it contains a lot of fat :(

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