banana diet

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201020164 hee jin
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banana diet

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Do you know banana diet?
'Banana Diet' is eating 2 bananas , 1 cup of water instead of breakfast.
Of course, you have to exercise. ^ ^;

'Banana Diet' is well-known as Seo in young's diet way.
She is losing 6kg in two months because of Banana diet.

Why Banana is effectie in Diet?
Because, Banana have many carbohydrates,fibers. So it has efficacy in preventing constipation.
As well as, it activaties the chapter.

Just do not want to lose weight only for eating Banana.
With eating banana, You must exercise !

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Re: banana diet

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Activates the chapter? What does that mean?
201020164 hee jin wrote:As well as, it activaties the chapter.

201020223 lee ji youn
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Re: banana diet

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Hello hee jin!
first, thanks to your good information !
I knew about banana diet roughly, but since today i completely understand.
Seo in young losing 6kg trough the banana diet!!!???????
Now I got a banana in my kitchen.
Starting banana diet tomorrow !!!!!!!kkkk

Thanks hee jin~

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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020188kanginseon »

I hear banana diet.
i think one food diet is not good at body.
best diet is exercise. too many move
you do banana diet? have an effect ? how many?

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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020047hyunseo »

i know! it is very famous diet because seo in young.
she uproads her photo eating banana. ^_^ (of course with very slim body....)
i think banana diet is very good. i'm for it.
because other one food diet is usually eat it 3 time in a day. it's really only one food!!
but banana diet is just 1 time in a day, and you can eat other things.
and banana give us feel not hungry. other one food diet can't make us feel be satiated.
so i think banana diet is better than others.
do you have an experience about it?

201020899 AhnHyunJin
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Re: banana diet

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Maybe almost every girl in the world is eager to lose weight, these days.
I also want to be on a diet
But lots of delicious foods are tempting me T T
Once I considered 'Banana Diet' and I realized I can't focus on the diet.
Because banana is so delicious and 2 bananas cannot fulfil my hunger. HAHAHA
Do you think you can feel full with 2 bananas?

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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020196kimhyeseung »

I need a banana diet.
Do not have a yo-yo phenomenon banana diet?
I tried the daily diet, but always failed.
For this spring I'm gonna have a beautiful figure.
Thanks for good information.

201020215 EunYoungOh
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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020215 EunYoungOh »

i know banana diet!
i want banana diet...but i worry banana..
because i don't like banana~~.. :shock:

200920611 Yoo Minji
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Re: banana diet

Post by 200920611 Yoo Minji »

i heard about banana diet.
banana is also good for constipation
so i'm gonna eat a banana now!

201020346 KimSunKyung
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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020346 KimSunKyung »

oh. it's famous diet method because of seo in young, you know.
but i worried that it may be stimulate appetite much. so i suggest eat a rice of one third. it'd be better to us.i think.
how about you? do you know another diet way? tell me more.

201020495 Park Na Hye
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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020495 Park Na Hye »

yeah!! i have been heard abt this
and i heard if we do it successfully we can lose 6kg per month.
but.... i think it's really hard to eat only two
i mean,,,,,, banana is so sweet and delicious so it's easy to eat more...
so... we can't lose weight and get fat.....

ew..... it's really hard to lose weight ... isn't i?????????

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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020865JooDanbi »

banana is just dessert to me.
It is impossible to me eating banan only.

201020022 yeon-doo kim
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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020022 yeon-doo kim »

i know well Banana diet you said.
Because i heard its effectiveness and i tried this diet.
i expected my slim body.
but i failed losing my weight
the reason is that i didn't exercise, you said.
losing weight is very difficult

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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020468soo-hyun »

Oh! I've done it before. I like banana and I have to lose weight, so I tried banana diet.
Although I like banana, but diet was so hard...
Fortunately, I lose my weight!! I recommend this diet.:D
I hope every person who tried lose weight, succeed!!

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Re: banana diet

Post by 200820204Byundongmin »

I love a banana. because my nickname is a monkey. so I love that. I often eat a banana and a banana-milk. do you know it???

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