banana diet

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201020502 Shin hye
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Re: banana diet

Post by 201020502 Shin hye »

BANANA is great fruit.
I know banana diet also.
I really want to do diet
but I think we have to eat various food
so banana diet is not a good way ㅜㅜ

201020501 songeun
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Re: banana diet

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My PCE1 class presentation topic was banana diet!

banana diet is very good diet method.

I tried to this diet method. but,i'm failed... :(

soon summer vacation so, i'll try to diet! i'll wears a bikini :)

Is there any other way to lose weight?

200820371 sehee
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Re: banana diet

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I already heard to bananais good for constipation,
so I really want banana diet.
But I cant keep one food diet, because if I will not eat meal, I got a headache.
Do you know except to banana diet what food is good for constipation? :lol:

201020850 Leechorok
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Re: banana diet

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wow, sounds like horrible.
I also have to go on a diet.
Are there any another diet way?

201020004 kiju
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Re: banana diet

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i dind't know that. Thank you for letting me know about them :D
i love banana :D

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Re: banana diet

Post by Mcmorning/nagyeongahn »

If I do that banna diet for months, or maybe just for some weeks, I will definately get sick of bannas and wouldn't want to even see bannas again.

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Re: banana diet

Post by Marisol »

201020502 Shin hye wrote:BANANA is great fruit.
I know banana diet also.
I really want to do diet
but I think we have to eat various food
so banana diet is not a good way ㅜㅜ
Hello to all! This is the first time i hear about banana diet.., but honestly am not surprised at all! There are so many diets that 'had worked' for some of our friends or friends to our friends... :roll: but it is hard to stick on such a hard diet!! So you are absolutelly right! We need various food to live longer...not junk food just various!

Daeun Lee
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Re: banana diet

Post by Daeun Lee »

oh i heard that. Not only banana, but also there are so many "one food diet" ways especially in Korea. Because eating food is my best pleasure lol, i don't dare to try that. One of my friends tried "Denmark diet" and she said it's like HELL. youguyz know denmark diet? Though it's including more variety kinds of foods, it is still "HUNGRY DIET" and with this diet, there's no energy to do any exercise.

It's a truism that the best way to slimming is "Eat less and Exercise more". I think it's the most difficult thing :( there's so many delicious things and NO TIME for EXERCISE... So what i want to say is the dieter, such as Seo In Young shows much patience, endurance and willpower. And this vacation, i want to success "dieting" no matter what :D!!!!

(Aplus) Lee Dae jae
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Re: banana diet

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Well, I think it could help you to diet.

However, in my case, I cannot do these kind of things.

Because I love to eat something.

So I prefer to do exercise to lose weight.

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Re: banana diet

Post by Adlonn »

Well bananas is the only meal that is best for athletics. It contains sugar, fructose, sucrose and dietary
fiber. It is the best and easy resource of power. While enjoying any activity three apples, provide
you with finish power that a daily meal contain. It can also be used in shakes, and it is very rich
in mineral and iron.

James Trotta
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Re: banana diet

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When I was in high school, my wrestling coach suggested eating a banana after weigh-ins because they digest so quickly. The idea was that a wrestler might be hungry from cutting weight but wouldn't want to eat something that digests slowly because then it would sap energy if they were still digesting during the match. To this day, I believe that bananas digest in about 30 minutes even though I never checked to see if my wrestling coach was right or wrong.

(102)Wonjae LEE
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Re: banana diet

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Bananas didn't work for me. When i was on diet, i tried once to eat a banana instead of eating a meal. But it was too delicious to stop eating more. So i ate a bunch of banana.

(104)Hyejin Ji
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Re: banana diet

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I do not think about one food diet. Actually, the most joy in life is eating a delicious food. Right? Do you agree with me? I think so.
For this reason, i do not have confidence to endure the period of banana diet, and other kinds of diet :cry:
I think the best way to lose a weight is only to eat smaller and to exercise more!

(104) Jisung Park
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Re: banana diet

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I've heard lot about one food diet but it's the first time to hear about banana diet to me!!
Although It's well known that banana contains lots of nutrition, I thinks it would be lack to provide all of nutrition to maintain body healthy and it can be hard to keep exercise only eating banana. And most of all, I hate banana so that hard to try this banana diet to me!! :roll:

(102) Liz Herrera
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Re: banana diet

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Oh, I didn´t know about this diet, I want to start it tomorrow morning! I completely agree with your comment about the importance of doing exercise, any diet has results without at less a little exercise.

Thanks for sharing this!

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