diet is very hardã… .ã… 

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some good diet tips

Post by engeleca »

What are some good diet tips? I need to know some good dieting tips that don't make you starve yourself and that are really healthy too!

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Re: some good diet tips

Post by tinagong »

1 drink a cup of water when your wake up everyday
2 have breakfast everyday
3 eat more vegetable and fruit
4 NO more rubbish food(like KFC)
5 NO more soft drink
6 drink a cup of milk before your sleep

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diet tips

Post by priyaa »

I would like to lose about 100 pounds and would like some diet tips? I have done weight watchers before, but would like a diet where I don't have to weigh and measure everything. Any suggestions on what to eat and how many servings of each a day?

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Re: diet tips

Post by ashleyraew12 »

Well actually if you're exercising daily, and correctly then it doesn't really matter what your intake on food is.. I mean, be reasonable with your self. Keep it at three meals a day. It could be what ever you want, just exersice daily. The key is, make sure you can exercise off what ever you take in. Correctly. There are sites and things that could help you about exercising, but my greatest advice here is to never- ever- take any type of "dieting pills" They are no good for your body. Yes they give you energy, but they wear you out quicker. So do not take any of those diet pills. Plus they never really work anyway... I would suggest vitamens. At your local Walmart im sure in the pharmacy area they have adult vitamens, and other healthy energy shakes and stuff in that cataegory. Sooo yeahh :) Just make sure you exercise, thats the main thing!! :)

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Re: diet tips

Post by smiledasomahn »

Very small tip! drink over 2L water every day.

201020346 KimSunKyung
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Post by 201020346 KimSunKyung »

I'm usually interested in Health very much.
so I tend to exercise regularly for many objectives. :D
that is especially DIET.

However, I have often failed diet losing weight.
because.. I have much gluttony .. so althogh I do exercise hard, it has become useless..
i'm very sad that point.

I show my tips first.
1. I do not already eat something after 6pm.
2. I always eat breakfast and reduce amount of rice.
3. last, Drink water frequently

could you advise me about another diet tip? (particularly, about method cutting down gluttony)
Dose anyone here know anything??? please help me

i want make some muscles and slim body line!!!!!!! :cry:

201021658 kim hye won
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Re: Diet

Post by 201021658 kim hye won »

I should go on a diet, I overweight.
But, diet thing surely takes the fun out of eating and drinking.
so, diet is a difficult problem. :cry:

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Post by 201020188kanginseon »

every woman have diet.
diet means eating well-balanced meals.
That's why taking the right amount of calories is the key to lose weight.
One must exercise regularly for health, not just for nice outlook. And should pursuit own beuaty and character.
Crash diets are not good for the health.
you will diet , you have to be moderate in food. reduce all the fatty foods.
you won't eat instant foods and junk foods.
you didn't have anything after 6 p.m. to lose weight.

201020356 Hyun Na
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Re: diet

Post by 201020356 Hyun Na »

It's very useful information to me. I'm on a diet now..but It's very very hard. Thank you for your information! Are you on a diet now too?

201020793 Kimyeonhee
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About diet

Post by 201020793 Kimyeonhee »

These days, many people are on a diet because of health and beauty. And there are many ways to be on a diet.
But sometimes, people are on a diet in a wrong way. So I am going to tell you what the wrong ways and right ways are.
At first, the right way to be on a diet is to do exercise. To do exercise is very effective and helpful.
If you want to do exercise, then you can go gym or you can play the soccer or basketball with your friends.
Every expert recommends exercising. Even when you are not on a diet, if you want to be health, then you
should keep exercising. It's really good to our body.
Second, you should eat 3 meals-breakfast, lunch, dinner-in a day. Because if you don't eat a meal, then you feel starvation.
So you eat snacks. It isn't good for a diet and also for your health.
What do you think diet's effect? I think diet's effect is health and beauty. If we are on a diet, our body becomes healthier.
This is good enough reason to be on a diet. Also, If we are on a diet, we become more beautiful. Everybody dreams a dream
that becomes beautiful. Through diet, that dream comes true. So being on a diet is recommendable even it is hard.

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Re: About diet

Post by 201020865JooDanbi »

In these day, a lot of people don't eat because of the diet.
But as you know, in diet, we have to do exercise too.
if we don't, we will get weight again.

200720615 Suin
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Re: diet

Post by 200720615 Suin »

You Know that the diet and study is Starting tomorrow. :P
However, I started Diet from yesterday. So... I'm starving and Becaming sensitive.

201020066 sondahee
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Re: About diet

Post by 201020066 sondahee »

diet is so hard T.T
i think l'm on a diet in a wrong way.
i know exercise is very important.
but exercise is so annoying.
i'll exercise during next summer vacation

201020117 Hye Jin
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Re: About diet

Post by 201020117 Hye Jin »

I have been on a diet for 21 years. :oops:
I have failed in everything I have done diet because I am very lazy.
However, I should succeed on a diet for my health and beauty from now on.
cheer me up 8)

201020215 EunYoungOh
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diet is very hardã… .ã… 

Post by 201020215 EunYoungOh »

today ,i see the moo han do jun
this program is repeat.
this contents tell about diet
result , only shaved his head.
because , he falled that make stomach.
i think that also, diet is very hard...
if i have diet , so i not eatting delicious food and high calorie and carbohydrate.
of course, diet is very hard!
but! diet is prerequisite!
for our health!!!
this year...i will success a diet!

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