What do you think about smoking?

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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How often do you smoke?

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What do you think about smoking?

Post by Inha(11)KimYongSeung »

Hi~! I nice to meet you!

What do you think about smoking?
I am not smoker. but I don't complain who smoking people.
smoking is individual choice, because cigarette is favorite food
Naturally cirarette is too bad to body.
but I think that they know and accept such things.
Frankly speaking, smoking shape looks nice often.

Of Course, smoking demage people who smoker around and has many bad thing.
so society control smoking.
for example, we have smoking place
but i think that It's violate of people's civil liberties

What do you think about my opinion?

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i don't agree to your opinion.

Post by Inha(11)LeeSeIn »

hi my name is lee se-in.
i'm not smoker.
like your opinion, smkeing is bad.
but one who smoke cigarette tell that smoking relax stress.

i don't hate smoker.
but often, some people smoke prohibition of smoking area.

in japan, i see that smokers only smoke in smoking area.
it's good.
smoking area is not violate of people's civil liberties

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Post by lovebattery »

I don't mind if people want to smoke. But I don't like the idea of smoking in public places. Honestly, I can't stand being around somebody who is smoking. If they want to do it, then that is alright, but you would think that they would have the consideration to smoke in a private place, so they don't upset others who do not like smoke. :)

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Post by inha(39)EoJungHyun »

Hi~ nice to meet you.
I'm not smoker. So i hate smoker and cigarett. Some smoker is smoking, when walking of the road. They are made smog and some badly materials. This material is hamful of my body. Of course, I think of impotant to smoker's free. So my opinion is that there don't somking in the public place. This is smoker's manner.

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Post by Inha(28)YunSeokGeun »

Hi~ nice to meet you

I'm smoker. I sometimes smoking when have stress and thinking.

Smoking is bad, but it gives relax and settle down.

Because I'm smoking.

The other side smoking give people an unpleasant feeling.

So Korea make no smoking zone. Smokers go to the smoking zone.

Sometimes it is uncomfortable, but endure for other people.

Lastly Smokers reduce smoking, no smokers understanding smokers.

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non-smoking area

Post by Inha(25)SeoJungeun »

I am not smoker,
but I don`t opposed somking.

Because smokers have the right to be treated equally.

But smoking at public place is very harmful to others.

So, I think it would be nice
if there were smoking areas in pubilc place.

New Zealand is already enforce the rule about ban of cigarette in public sites.
And France, England also plan to set same law.

Now,I think,our country also joins this trend.

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Post by Inha(39)YouAhReum »

Hi. Nice ti meet you.
My name is You Ah-reum.
I'm not smoker. So I don't like cigarette smoke.
smoking is harmless to other people.
Moreover Secondhand smoking is a big health hazard.
But My father and freinds sometimes smoking by the side me.
I'm not smoker and don't like smoking but I think smoker can smoking when smokers have stress.
But I wish smokers isn't smoking in the public places.

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Post by inha(56)parkdongmin »

That smoke often used to become an issue in our school.
Smoking are hurt many people in room.Is not opposed to nicotians' symbol.
However, if own selects, think that must take oneself responsibility.
Think otherwise that it must be remanufacture although if consider other people, there will no be problem

Inha[11]Im se jum
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Post by Inha[11]Im se jum »

Hello~ I thought smoking is liberty of choice on someone's necessary when I was under restraint to doing it.
But now I think it is manners for other peaple. It is not only to mean to do smoking but do after.
Smoking is a little dirty. For example a cigarette butt, ashes, spit, bed smells and etc. It has felt displeasure other.
And Some studies are talking about us that smoking is injurious to health
by person's.
So I think about smoking is menners.

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Post by Inha(56)SeolJinseok »

Hi~ nice to meet you.
My name is Seol jinseok.

I'm smoker, so i understand smoker.
but i don't like smoking where on the road.
Smoking is harmless to other people. So Smoking when waking on the road is very rude.

I like smoking and understand smoker.

but, don't give damage to other people.

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Smoking should need new regulations.

Post by Inha(53)KimJongDeok »

These days, considering health problem more seriously ever, I think we need new regulation for banning smoking.

As Science developes, We have more information, which is that some element of cigarret cause really badly health problem such as cancer or skin diseases.

As you know, the people who are around the smoking people are worse condition than smokers. That is absolutely unfair.

Now, Many country started already to chage their rules on cigarrets.
now It is a time to think about it more logically and seriouly.


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Post by Inha(25)RimTaeKyun »

Smokers must be to remember this senence.
You kill near people;(family,freind,lover... etc) slowlly
They was killed your smokeing time!
Weapon is not Gun! It's Your stick in the small and thin box!

Smoker's behavior damage near other's health!
Please, sucide smoking smoker on load!

(Other smoker doesnt need to sucide.)
(Finally, they are dying early at nonsmker!)

I wounded my arm by tabaco's fire.
I want' to xenocide that is driver throwing tabaco over the car window! :evil:

Inha(28) Lee Sung Min
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Post by Inha(28) Lee Sung Min »

Hi :D :D
I'm smoker.. too
I think that smoking is individual..
smoking is bad... bad smell, bad health... but smoker don't affect to any other people, I have to smoking..

*HUFS* Silvia
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Post by *HUFS* Silvia »

l am not a smoker.
But l don't think smoking is bad.
lt could be harmful to other people , but it affects only a little.
Although it smells not good , people can't make smokers stop smoking.
But l think smokers have to be gentle.
lt is not good to smoke in non-smoking section like public place or on the street.

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