What do you think about smoking?

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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How often do you smoke?

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In my opinion...

Post by Inha(905)KimHyeSun »

I'm not smoker. I dislike smoker and a cigarette.
My father is smoker. I think he really likes a cigarette because he is smoking all the time.
I said "Dad, smoking is injurious to your health. Please, reduce smoking!"
Then, he said "O.K. I'll quit smoking next month."
But he broke his promise to stop smoking.

When I see my father, It's not easy to quit smoking.

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with caution

Post by Inha(905)SongYuMee »

I'm not a smoker now. Actually, I used to smoke.
I did'nt realize that I can bother people who are around me that time.
However, I do know none-smokers feelings now.
Its smell is pretty disgusting, and I can barely breathe, When someone smokes next to me. My eyes are also hurts.
I don't blame smokers though, They have to know this that your close people can be affected by your smoking habits.
So, please becareful when you smoke and try to not smoke in public area.

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Post by Inha(905)ChoSungYoung »

Every one knows smoking is harmful at smoker's health.
In addition, the smell and smoke from one´s cigarette cause damage to other people's health.

So, I think that a smoker should have good smoking manners.

At the class, English-speaking foreign teacher said that smoking etiquette is poor in Korea.
At a non-smoking place, school, public place so on, we could see smokers easily.
These people have little regard for the feeling of others.

I want to stress the rights and duties.
Before exercising smoker's right, smoker should perform duities.

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Post by Inha(905)YiJisun »

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health.

And of course, it's not good for other people who is around when someone is smoking.

But, I don't blame the smokers because smoking is one of their tastes and choice.

However, smokers have to consider the non-smokers.

Therefore, if smokers can think about others who don't like smoking, and don't smoke in the public places, I think it is an acceptable thing.

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Smoking is bad when you kiss your boy friend and girl friend

Post by Inha(906)JungChulUng »

I hated the smell of smoking while growing up.
My dad smoked a lot.
So I decided I would never smoke.
This is really important that your health goes worse and you will die sooner than everage people if you smoke.
Somebody believes that they won't die very soon becuase his father and grandfather live long.
But nobody knows when he dies.
That means you have to prevent your health from smoking.
Even smoking people is not satisfied with their sex life than none smoking people.
When I come into my professor's office, there is a sign that said if you keep smoking, your penis doesn't stand up.
Anyway I've never found advantage of smoking.
You can relieve your stress in other ways with smoking.

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Post by inha(906)ParkHyunA »

puplic place is belongs to our, not person.
in puplic, do not behave that damage to others.
but smoker are damage not only him but others around there.
cigarette has a lot of harmful substances.
cigarette substances is bad to only smoker but passive smoker.
so smoking and non-smoking areas should be place and it should be on the plicy.

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Smoking is Very hanmful!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Inha(905)Yangheesun »

Hi~ Nice to meet you!
I'm not smoker.
And when I was young, almost smoker was a man.
Thus Korean thought smoking women is so strange and oppositive.

But nowadays, Many people don't think like that.
In fact the number of smoking women is growing up.
Like your thinking, somking is very very bad for you and for me.

But smoking is very very harmful for human.
I think that people have to control themselves smoking. 8)

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I think ......

Post by Inha(905)BaeHyunKyung »

I am not smoker.

Because I don't like smoke of cigarette, I avoid a smoker on street.

Smoking is bad for health. Many people suffer from lung cancer.

So I always think that smoker have to stop smoking.

Of course, that is difficult .

For your health and saving money, smokers had better stop smoking.

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I want eyeryone stop smoking

Post by Inha(905)KimDongOk »

I'm a nonsmoker^^
I can't undestand the reason they have a smoke. :(
Of course, cigarette has toxicity so they might be hard
to quit smoking.
But if they consider own health, they should quit smoking.
The famous comedian 'Ri Ju Ill' losed his life by smoking.
He said that 'cigarette is more harm than good' before
he end his days.
And the smoke of cigarette is more harmful to near people.

If woman has a smoke she is more dangerous than man.
She might miscarry in the future.

Almost of smokers make a plan to stop smoking in the new year.
But only less than 20%people achive this plan.
I hope if you made this plan you succeed by all means. :( :wink:

What do you think about smoking?
Is it personal problem or social problem?
And do you have a plan to stop smoking, too?


Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by EunsolPark »

I think Korea should not encourage to smoke in public spaces.

Let me tell you my example. A 56-year-old woman died because of a lung cancer. A lung cancer is a disease
that you can mostly get from smoking. But surprisingly, she never smoked in her life. Later it was found that the reason
she got a lung cancer was because of her husband who smoked all the time around her. It shows that
if someone is smoking around you, the other person who does not smoke also get bad influence.
In Korea, many people smoke in public spaces and that means non-smokers also have possibility to be
affected by them. And I think this is not fair. Therefore, I think Korea should not encourage to smoke in public spaces.

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Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by HUFS Lee So Young 200502335 »

I'm not a smoker but I don't think smoking should be allowed in public places.
Smoker say that it doesn't really affect non-smokers and other people,
but what about secondhand smoking?
I experienced secondhand smoking countless times, and I really feel bad about it.
For example, when I'm walking and somebody's walking in front of me, and that person's smoking,
then I have to breathe in that smoke even if I don't want to. The result that I get after I get exposed to smoke
is headache and a pain in the throat.
There are scientific evidence that
secondhand smoking is as bad as smoking, or even more bad. So again, I think smoking shouldn't be allowed in
public places because it actually can harm other people, especially none smokers.


Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by mary »

Hi my name is maria,and i a'm from mexico. I a'm not a smoker and i don't think people who smoke should be doing it an public places. They're putting us danger by doing so, cigarretes are a very negative thing not only for the smoker but for every body. So please if you smoke don't do it in public because if you made the choice of not living to see your kids grow up, i will like to see mine.


Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by Katherinelove »

Hi, my name is kate. I`m ex-smoker and i want to say just one thing: smoking-it`s a very very bad pernicious habit which influences on all your organism and on adult of course!I know that on my own experience. People, don`t smoke!!!


Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by Yeco »

Hi! I am not a smoker, I think this addition is not healthy for the smokers and the people surround smokers, so I am not agree smoking at inside public spaces.


Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by jasmine »

Hi! My name is jasmine! Just like most of you, I am not a smoker. When I was younger, my dad smokes a lot and everytime he does that, I usually turn on the fan towards him to blew away the cigarette smoke or go to my room to get away from it because it really gives me a hard time breathing. I use to wonder why there are lots of people who loves to smoke and worse, make it as a habit while in my own personal view, there's no benefit an individual can get from it. The sad part is that they know the fact that this can cause them a lot of serious health problems, but despite of this, they keep smoking. Yes, it is an individual's right of choice, but people should also be considerate on how other's would feel and be sensitive enough particularly on this matter especially if they are in public places. They should always bear in mind that they are sharing these world with a lot of people to be able to respect others. If a person really wants to smoke or probably a need for some, they should go to a place where there is no one that can inhale the smoke but themselves. Anyway, it's their choice! Everybody has a right and this is just a matter of respect.

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