What do you think about smoking?

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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How often do you smoke?

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201020629 Namhee
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Re: Drinking and Smoking

Post by 201020629 Namhee »

I love drinking soju, so I searched about the bad effects of alcohol this time. When we drink too much alcohol
it can cause heart attack and liver cirrhosis. What are the bad effects of smoking and secondhand smoking?

200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung
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Re: smoking

Post by 200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung »

I do not smoke. Did not learn it.
Because it is addictive and expensive. In fact, the cigarette is expensive now because I believe my decision was right. However, now I do not know whether more healthful than other smokers.

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Re: smoking

Post by scarlettO »

I was a heavy smoker for some time. I no longer smoke, but it wasn't easy to quit. Do you have Nicorette lozenges or something similar in Korea? These worked for me when nothing else did. I had tried the patch, inhaler, even medication.

200921536 Choi hae yeong
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Post by 200921536 Choi hae yeong »


A desultory life, smoking and drinking are a bad thinsgs for our body.
Chief of all, I think smoking is worst habit.
So, now I talk about smoking.
Most of people start smoking out of curiosity.
But Cigarettes are highly addictive.
Then, although they start smoking out or curiosity, they can't stop smoking.
Smoking is worse than a desultory life and drinking.
Because a desultory life and drinking don't demage other people. But, smoking affects other people as well as the smoker.

My father suffered from a disease because of smoking.
Now He got well. but he really regretted having smoked.

So, If you don't stop smoking, you'll regret it.

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Re: smoking

Post by 201120120 »

agree your opinion.
my hather is very Heavy smoker.
so i so afrid that he get some disease...

smoking is so terrible for our body

201020811 Peter Park
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Re: smoking

Post by 201020811 Peter Park »

I think smoking has only the negative effects. If somebody wants to smoke that person has to buy cigars. Then, if that person get sick that person has to go to hospital. Smoking is very expensive in many ways but it is very cheap compaired to our lives. I sometime wonder why people created cigar in he first place... :twisted: :evil:

200820035 Tae ho
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Re: smoking

Post by 200820035 Tae ho »

smoking is very harmful.
but i also smoke tobacco.
i recently try to not smoke.
this have an effect to stop smoking.

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Re: smoking

Post by 200820375JungSun »

many media say that smoking is very harmful for human body. I believe it absolutely!
I have a one friend since middle scool student . He have smoked since 15 year-old.
he was very good at excercise.and he was a top student.
but..now he study 4 year to enter the university now.i think the reason is smoking!

201020540 Lee Do Rim
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Re: smoking

Post by 201020540 Lee Do Rim »

I know cutting off smoking is really hard for me too.
I started to smoke about one year ago.
I also want to stop smoking but sometimes it' reliable to me.
Beacause I live alone in Seoul so it's really lonely.
Tabaco is some kind of friend to me.
Some people would laugh at me but I think so.
I know it's bad so now I'm trying to smoke less.
Why don't ypu try to less smoke?

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Re: smoking

Post by scarlettO »

I know that quitting smoking is very difficult,especially if you're lonely or bored. For me, it was the habit of doing something with my hands, so staying busy typing or on the computer helps in that respect. I drink coffee too and always felt I needed a cigarette. I live in the U.S. and the price for cigarettes here is about $5 U.S. a pack. How much are they in Korea? I decided seriously to give up cigarettes when I could no longer afford it. Also, do you have health insurance there that might cover buying some type of stop smoking aids?

201020838 Youn-je
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Re: smoking

Post by 201020838 Youn-je »

Um... I smoke little bit.
i realize my healthy condition is ruined.
I know for the health i have to cut my cigarette.
But i am addicted. So it is too hard for me.
But i try

Daeun Lee
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Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by Daeun Lee »

Hi! I'm a not smoker. And I really really hate smoking and even smoker until i entered university. I didn't understand them and even not try to understand. However, during Freshman life, I met many smokers and I started to respect their individual flavor. Of course, i still have a idea that "NOT IN PUBLIC PLACE".

Smoking is individual flavor and to be respected, smokers need to respect non-smokers too. Non-smoker's individual flavor is hating smells of tobacco and avoiding it is also kind of rights. So many cafe or restaurant have a smoking section seperately. And the thing is public place like a bus stop or a park. Rather than banning unconditionally, the government need to make smoking section in the public place so that satisfy both smokers and non-smokers.

In HUFS, there are so many people smoking right in front of the door. I really hate this :( I think seperate smoking area in our school will be needed more than now.

(starbucks)Hong ji eun
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Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by (starbucks)Hong ji eun »

well i think that smoking is one of their choices. and as you say, we need to respect their choice. because that It's violate of people's civil liberties . however, you know that there are another victimize. if someone smokes on the street, there are another people who just pass. they will be second-hand smoking. lt will be also harmful to them. so i think that society control smoking is a good ideal.

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Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by woogayeon(sixzero7) »

I'm non-smoker. Actually I hate the act of smoking. Also, I really reallt hate that smell. Many people smoke at the street. OMG I hate that acting so much. Cause I have to smell that disgusting smell! And I think you know what 'the second-hand smoking'. Every time when I smell the smell of smoke I feel like I'm dying. And I heard there is 'the third-had smoking' too. Plz stop smoking. If you want to smoke please go to the smoking area.

(102)Wonjae LEE
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Re: What do you think about smoking?

Post by (102)Wonjae LEE »

I've never smoked, not even once. I just can't stand smoking. Even on street i try to avoid people who are smoking. And i really appreciate my parents for that. Since they don't smoke, i've never had a chance to be accustomed to smoking.

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