Books from Amazon

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Books from Amazon

Post by Parkjunghyun »

I’m buying many books from Amazon. As you know, it is relatively cheap and easy to get through online. however, it takes about 1 month in Korea to order books from Amazon unless I had it delivered by plane. I want Amazon to provide faster delivery

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Re: Books from Amazon

Post by cdrls77 »

Hello everyone,

I have ordered a book from Amazon. I'm not too familiar how long will take to get it.
I hope its not a month frankly sound too long. I meet a lady on myspace and she happens to be a writer, and after exchanging emails I found out that she works for Amazon, in fact she suggested that I should do the same. I would love to go back to work even if it's only a part time.

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Re: Books from Amazon

Post by James Trotta »

As long as you order well in advance because it does take a while, it's often good to order from American websites because some things are much less expensive in the US than they are in Korea (for example). I often order my protein powder from US websites and also use Amazon.

201020074 Yangjisoo
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Re: Books from Amazon

Post by 201020074 Yangjisoo »

Hi, I'm Yangjisoo.
I see 'Amazon' for the fist time.
I like reading books very much and I like possess books that I read.
Especially, I like mystery book and fantasy book.
My best books are Agatha christie's series, Sherlock Holmes series, Harry potter series, The lord of the rings, The Chronicles Of Narnia, The golden compass.
What kinds of books do you like?
Meanwhile in my case, I usually use 'Aladdin' or 'kyobobook'.
Do you know them?
They are very useful.
Both them give you many kinds of discount.

200820451 jae-geun
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Re: Books from Amazon

Post by 200820451 jae-geun »

well, amazon is very good book site, but It is so hard to buy some books. many korean use the korean bookmarket like kyobo, more then amazon.
but amazon have a many books. in korean bookmarket, it can't e found, but in amazon, it can be found. so, if you want buy book easy, use korean market,
if you want buy a rare book, use a amazon

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Re: Books from Amazon

Post by (102)Wonjae LEE »

I've been using the kindle for about 3 months ,which is the ebook reader made by amazon and i'm quite satisfied with it. Ebooks are usually cheaper than paper books and since they are 'E-books', there's no problem with delivery. But as you mentioned, there are few korean books. If you want to read various books written in english, Ebooks from amazon must be the best choice.

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