Comic books industry of Korea

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Comic books industry of Korea

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I used to be a comic book nerd. When I was little kid while I was in America for a short time, I used to love Spiderman, X-man, and The hulk. After returning to Korea I always went to the nearby comic book store and read comic books for hours. As a kid I used to love those Japanese characters in comic books such as Naruto, Rupi, or Son-Gokku. . I still love comic books and I am not ashamed to say it out loud.

After finding out that all of those characters that I like are mostly Japanese, I wondered why there aren’t any famous comic book writers in Korea. It turns out that it was not the writer’s fault it was the whole industry, it wasn’t big enough to nurture comic book writers. Here are some reasons that I came up with why our countries comic book industry is not so doing well.

First reason is how Korean adults view comic books. In Japan the people who buy and read comic books are varied from children to adults. So the demand for comic books varies and the quantity is so huge. It is also similar in America there are so many people who buy and read comic books Hollywood is even making movies from those comic books and in fact comic book based movies are one of the fastest growing genres, because they are mostly guaranteed to be successful. But in Korea comic book is seen as a child’s toy. And furthermore most of the adults in Korea think that comic books will be a negative effect on their children. That’s why there is not enough supply for comic books there are not enough demand like in Japan or America.

The second reason is the comic book rental system. Unlike in Japan where comic books are mostly bought and read, in Korea most comic books are being rented in rental stores. I hardly saw anyone who buys comic books only to read. Renting stores are bad for the comic book industry as a whole because when people rent comic books, the money doesn’t goes to the writer or the publisher it goes straight to the owner of the store. Also it downgrades the quality of the comic books because the writers
concentrate on the quantity of the comic books not the quality. For example if I am the writer of a comic book I will make more money when I publish more comic books not quality comic books, because the people who buys it are not the people who reads it, it’s the people who owns the rental store. In Japan, as I said earlier most comic books are bought but there are some rental stores. But the difference is that the prices of the comic books that are being supplied to rental stores are 10times more expensive. That way the writers and publishers are less affected by the rental stores.

I think in order to develop our countries we need to change. These days most of the comic book is becoming online. So called webtoon is dominating the Korean comic book industry. While I like and enjoy webtoons I still like the feeling of turning the pages of old fashioned comic books. What to do guys think do you think? Do you think comic books are a part of pop culture that is worth to be developed? If then what do you think we should do?

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