unrequited songs?

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(106)Yeongseok Kim
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unrequited songs?

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I am not sure if this is unrequited song but I really like Delispice's songs like I listen to your voice, propose. this song s remind me of my first crush on girls when I was a kid, naive, and very young. I got a crush on this girl but I coudn't tell her that I liked her because I was too shy. and whever I listen to Delispice's songs, I remember that feeling, that moment of love, that memory of first love. what about you? do you have a favorite unrequited song?

(106)Lee Hyunjeong
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Re: unrequited songs?

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These days most of the songs' theme is love. And inside that there are lots of songs telling about unrequited songs. Actually I don't know much about pop songs which is telling requited love but I am big fan of K-POP. So I love lots of unrequited love k-pop. For example, 산들, a member of B1A4, sang a solo song. The title is 'unrequited love'. It is very emotional and sincere.

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Re: unrequited songs?

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I think that unrequited songs are very popular because such songs evoke the sympathy of many people. I think everyone have an experience of unrequited love. I also recall my unrequited love when I was young and naive by listening the songs. So I love the songs which tell the naive unrequited songs!

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