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Re: movie

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Yes! I like movie, too.
My hobby is watching movie. Do you know 'Eternal Sunsine'?
I love this movie and this movie's director 'Michel Gondry'~~
If you didn't see this movie, I recommend this movie and Michel Gondry's other movies.
Um... He's movie that 'The Science of Sleep' is good, too.
Ah! Recently, I eagerly look forward to 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4'!!!
I think... Captain Jack Sparrow is the best of movie characters.

201021351 ka young
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Re: movie

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Yes!! I really love movie.
I like movie of almost genre.
But my favorite genre is action and SF movie.
I saw three movie last week. 'sunny' ,'torr' , 'souce code'

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Re: 200920231 장정호 movies

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wow, you bet you really like Natalie Portman!
not much you but I do like her pretty much :) It's hard to forget about her performance once watching her's films.
Unfortunally I haven't watched 'Black swan' :cry:
because I was too busy last month so I haven't chanced to go to the theater.
one of reason I really want to watching that one is because I 'm majoring in psychology, and my professor told that movie is instructive to my major student.
anyhow, I will watching 'Black swan ' and when I watch that one I will reminds of what you thought !

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Re: movie

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my hobby is watching movie too.
I like movie having a special ending
so my favorit movie is 'IDENTITY' and 'WOULD YOU ARE SUSPECT?'
Have you ever seen this movies~~~??

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Re: movie

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Hi~ nice to meet you~!
I really like watching movie and I don't care the place. kkk
I mean I also like downloaded movie^^
(I pay for all movie!! but actually I don't know that payment legal or not ã… )
Anyway, I saw movie about,, twice a week.
And I like melo most!! same with you!!
My favorite movie is "secret". It is tiwan movie.
There are many nice piano music.
It is so great and impressive whenever I saw it.
I recommend you that movie^^

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Re: movie

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I like watching movie,too! I actually divide genre in two situations. One is watching in theatre and the other is watching through TV or iPad. If the movie's genre is action, fantasy, or thriller I would go to theatre :) On the other hand, i enjoy melodrama, romance or comedy movies with portable player. I feel watching those movie in theatre is kind of waste money.

However it doesn't have any certain standards. For example, i really like TITANIC, too XD and i'll watch it in 3D at theatre!! so i think it's up to my company who go to theater with. And the latest movie i saw was "mission impossible 4" and it's the best movie i've seen this year! Tom cruise is perfect even though he get older ! XD

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Re: movie

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I love to see watching movie, too.

Last week I saw ' An Introduction To Architecture (건축학개론)'.

It was good.

And I have plans to see movies every weekend.

Especially, I expect to see 'Titanic 3D'.

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Re: movie

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I think that each genre has each attraction. Personally, I like action movies... haha.
Because when I watch action movies, I am interested and excited.
But I dislike melo movies. Though you say that 'you're so barren!', I still dislike melo movies. Because melo genre usually makes me sad.
I hate that I become sad. And melo movie often has predictable contents. so I think that it can't interest me.

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Re: movie

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Movies are fun but I think It'll be soo much better if you can watch a movie inside a car.
I don't think drive-in-theaters don't exist in Korea but I would love to get a chance to do that.
I cant wait for the movie 'Ironman 3' to release. I'm definitly watching that.

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Re: movie

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I enjoy going to the movies. Films that i really enjoyed are the Bourne series, Melancholia, Life of pi, etc. And i'm dying to see the new ironman movie :P

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Re: movie

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I also like watching movies.
I want to recommend a movie, 'The Pianist' .
The Pianist which is based on true story include criticizing Holocaust, requiring humanity, importance of food, and veracity of talent.
The highlight of the movie is that Szpilman who was a jew played the piano in the face of a Nazi officer.

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Re: movie

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I like Titanic too! I still can remember its last scene. That was my first sad movie. Anyway, I like to go to the theater.

nowaday, we can see the movies at home through TVs, computers. However, I still believe that we can fully enjoy the movie

at theaters because they have great sound system and big screen. Therefore, most times I go to the theater rather than

watch it at home.

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Re: movie

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Well, my name is Yang chul-joo. I like movies pretty much like you. These days, because I'm a freshman, I don't have enough time to watch the movies. Otherwise I went to the place with my friends like Myung-dong or other universities. When I was in highschool, I thought I would have a lot of chance to go anywhere if I go to univ, but these days I should agree that my guessing was totally wrong..haha. Even though I'm busy these days, I always make some time to watch action movies like iron man. wanna join me? :lol:

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Re: movie

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Hi, I am TaeHyeon Lee.
I like watching movie, and I want to recommend a movie,
"The Shawshank Redemption". a man was unjustly imprisoned and longed for freedom,
escape from a prison.
I realized the freemdom which is important and preciously invaluable.

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