Rock Music In Korea..

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Post by inha(108906)ParkHyunKook »

Remember about rock music presentation lower
In the era of rock music based on the development of the planet Earth.
Many rock types than you think.
I think Metallica is, I can think of the group.
I feel down when they hear the song made you feel good.

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by 201120120 »

i love korean rock!
i like some band like the black skirt, yb , dellispice

but... today rock is not main stream in korea... i agree
but today situation get better.
many new band occur, and many now listener too

don't worry rock and roll is forever

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by 201020465 sunmin kim »

Your talk reminds me of origin of a rap.
Do you know who is 홍서범 ?
He is the founder of a rap.
If you listen to his song '김삿갓', you will know my word. :lol:

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by 200920459 DongYoon »

You're interested in rock music!
My thinking is similar to that of you.
Rock is more popular.
But I think rock genres aren't equally popular and many Koreans like ballad rock.
Have you ever been to any rock festivals?
I want to go Pentaport or Jisan rock festival!
But it is so expensive. :(
If you know information about rock concert, could you inform reasonable concert to me? :D

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by 200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung »

First, people like you who like rock music, nice to feel that.

You know, we meet friends from around your favorite hard rock music.

Especially people who like 80's heavy metal is really rare ..

R & B, hip-hop, pop music like many guys around me.

But their favorite music and having a deep conversation, there are limits.

For example, the band's musical style, I like to explain to friends, more description is needed.

So, I can talk music with friends is needed more.

You, you are interested in heavy metal music?

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by 201021585 »

Oh, Rock'&'Roll! I love rock, too.
In Korea, Rock genre have not wide but deep mania class.
But recently like you said, Indie music is popular more and more.
Um... What your favorite rock star? And why?
My favorite rock star is Coldplay. This band's music touch my heart~
Ah! Rock season, Summer is coming!
I want to see Coldplay in rock festival.

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by 201020612 Jinseon Hong »

I don't know well Rock music. but I heard recently about Rock mosic festival! The news is often showed.

I wonder about Rock and Heavymetal music. I don't know what the diffenrence between Rock and Heavymetal are.

Do you know? :D

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by 200820451 jae-geun »

Rock is very large area in the music.
Most of the music have a chracter like a rock.
What is rock? just powerful drum and guitar sound?
I don't agree with it. Rock is just a soul and feeling.
The form is not important.

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by boxcar »

I'm in the USA but I love rock music! :)

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Re: Rock Music In Korea..

Post by (107)Hyun Jun »

Korean rock band 'Baek Do San' is an amazing band. Also British Pop band Oasis, Radiohead is just marvelous. I recommand you guys listening to Oasis's song called 'Don't look back in anger'. ^^

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