Do you know the Gang - ful ?

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Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by Inha(57)KimDaeShik »

Gang-ful is very famous cartoon writer on web.

I am a fan of Gang-ful cartoon. :D

He made a wonderful cartoon as 'The pure cartoon' and 'The Fool' and 'The loving you' and so on.

I recommend the Gang-ful cartoon, even if you don't see his cartoon.

I think that is aware of heartwarming love.

I hope you see the Gang-ful cartoon. ← You can see the Gang-ful cartoon

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Post by inha(108906)ParkHyunKook »

I like comics incorporated.
I like martial arts and fantasy comics.
The cartoons do not know.
Because I need to see you recommend a cartoon.
Written again in the future if a good comic book review

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Post by Inha(906)LeeDongHun »

Yes, I know the "Gang-ful". I'm a fan of Gang-ful cartoon, too.

I read the "Apartment", "FoolishMan", "Timing", "I love you" and etc..

Gang-ful's cartoon is not drawed well.

But, the story and humor is wonderful. It's fantastic!

Now, I wait the next cartoon.

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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by smiledasomahn »

I like his cartoons exept horrors.
I saw the movie 'Sunjung-Manhwa' means pure love last weekend on TV.
It was pretty good, but I prefer the original cartoon.
Because, I think Gang-ful's unique painting is much more moved.
Especially the face of characters.
Anyway, I didn't read 'Guderul-Saranghamnida(I love you)'.
Is it good???

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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 201020047hyunseo »

oh, i know him.
many people know him through the famous catoon like "the fool" or "the purity catoon".
and they think "oh, he is very sensitive person! i can't imagine his sense through his appreance!" :D
but i like him since very old days that he drawing "bizarreie cartoon of gang-ful" at sport-chosun.
in fact, i guess after three years...? suddenly he makes many high quality cartoon at daum. :D
i think he's skill of director is still growing and growing.
so....... um, anyway i like him. ^^
do you know about his first step of cartoon director?

201020192 kim sang mi
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 201020192 kim sang mi »

Hi! Dae shik!!
I am a fan of Gang-ful cartoon!!! like you!
I read 'the pure cartoon', I cried a lot ..
Did you go to movies 'the loving you'???
very sad !!/...

200920610 OhMiRae
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 200920610 OhMiRae »

I'm a big fan of Gang-ful!
I saw his cartoon, I like 'timing', 'again' and 'a neighbor' among others.
He's cartoon is exciting and he's cartoon subject us brilliant.
And he's cartoon is always a reversal. So I like Gang-ful and he's cartoon. :lol:

201020156 Cho EunJung
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 201020156 Cho EunJung »

I like Gang-ful's cartoon too. His cartoons show pure and moved love. Especially his horror cartoon makes me nervous!
Do you read all his cartoon? One of my friends read all of his cartoon!
What is your favorite cartoon in his all cartoon?

200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung »

I also like gang-pul.

In fact, recently I had not seen his work.

However, the "il sang da ban sa" and his first "soon jeong man hwa" in the time of the series, I was his fan.

But his work is usually work longer. And while I'm busy, I often came across a short episode of the Web Toon.

After that, the work of gangpul also heard tons of good things.

If you're a fan of gang-pul of his later works, do you give good things to recommend?

201020004 kiju
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 201020004 kiju »

frankly , i didn't read 'Gang - ful's comic.
but recently, i lhear that he did the comic into a movie.
so i want to read 'Gang - ful's comic :D
anyway :lol: thank you for referring 'Gang - ful' to me~!

201020612 Jinseon Hong
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 201020612 Jinseon Hong »

Gang-ful's cartoon is very fun and moving! His storytelling is so good.

Have you ever read a cartoon 'Every Moment of Your Life'?

The story is about zombie and love! the cartoon makes very sad and moving.

This is Gang-ful's latest cartoon I know.

200820451 jae-geun
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 200820451 jae-geun »

Gang ful makes good cartoons.
it's quility is amazing, so the same story movie was made.
but the movie is very bad to watch.
Movie can't describe the feeling and air of gang ful's cartoon.
It is said 'gang ful's curse.'

201021042 Jangyounhee
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by 201021042 Jangyounhee »

I know Gangful too.
I saw the movie ' I love you' and after watching this movie, I knew that this movie's original is cartoon of Gangful.
So since then, I began to watch the cartoon.
especially, ' the romance comic' make me more a warm-hearted.

If you know another cartoon like this, Please let me know :D

(Aplus) Lee Dae jae
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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by (Aplus) Lee Dae jae »

Yes, I know him.

He is one of the famous webtoon(web+cartoon) writers in Korea.
Based on his webtoon, many movies were produced.

But I like other webtoon writers like Cho-seok or Sack.

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Re: Do you know the Gang - ful ?

Post by (102)Wonjae LEE »

I know he is a very famous cartoon writer, but never saw his cartoons. However i saw several movies based on his cartoons and unfortunately they were just a waste of time. But it doesn't seem that the movies being horrible is his bad. I hope to see an exciting movie whose screenplay is of Kang-ful.

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