present tense VS present continuous

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present tense VS present continuous

Post by elt_cain_02 »

hi everybody!!

can you please give me a short explanation of when to use Present tense and when to use present continous??
thank you!!!!

Post by SeanP »

Present simple tense is used for general statements, such as "I go" or "the beetle flies." Present continuous (or present progressive) is used with processes, such as "I am going" or the "the beetle is flying." In the first two examples, the meaning was about the nature of subjects: you generally can walk, and the beetle typically can fly and does it. However, with the second pair of examples, you strictly asserted that you are in the process of going right now, and that the beetle is in the pricess of flying right at that moment. :)
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Well-said, SeanP.
Here are a couple more examples. Hope this helps:
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I'm writing one right now.
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