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Post by Inha(25)kimdana »

Hello everyone!

I am a inha University student "dana"

My major is civil engineering.

Although I'm a female , I choice civil engineering.

Some people say "You are female!! , it's inconvenience"

That's right. But I don't think so.

Because this major is interesting to make a challenge.

sometimes study for an examination is so difficult.

But I make efforts , because it is interesting to study.

I'll do well it. Because my motto is "Do one's best , then I get it"

Thank you for listening to my talk.

Jason M. Ham
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Post by Jason M. Ham »

How do you like civil enginneering? Have you always wanted to study that subject? What are you going to do with your major and why would it be considered inconvenient to be a female student in your department? Are there a lot of male students in your program? If so, wouldn't that be a plus? :wink:

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