Describe a personality using present and / or past simple

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Re: Describe a personality using present and / or past simple

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After I read one post from the group conversation, it remind me to write about my husband personality. He is a good husband, father, son, and son-in law. We were married about 16 years. We have two kids : one girl and one boy. He helps me to take care the kids going school daily, because my work schedule conflicts with their school. He is a good cook too. He knew how to cook a delicious Vietnamese foods. He used to teaching me how to cook after we had married. Now, I am in school and work, he is a main cooker in the house. He makes breakfast for me and the kids every morning. He makes a cup of coffee for me every morning before I go to work. He visits his parents every weekend and willing to helping them whenever they need.
He also supports my family and take cares my parents. We do not have much time together as a time when we did not have the kids yet. Life is busy and tired, but he is a kindness and support husband that I am lucky to married him.

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