Do you have any presentation skill?

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Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (lab102)jeonyoujeong »

We have to do a lot of presentation during university life. However, I always have difficulty in speaking in public. When I focus on talking in composed manner, audience couldn't understand content of presentation. On the other hand, when I focus on making audience catch the meaning of content, I always stammer badly. And both of problems are because of a lot of tensions in my mind. I always feel nervous.
Do you have any presentation skill? How can I talk in public calmly and also convincingly? Please give your advice. ~ :cry:

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (Aplus)kimyongsun »

I also have many difficulties when I make a presentation in front of public, because I feel nervous. However, I overcame the nervousness somewhat when I speak in public, when I was preparing for the college entrance interview. Eye contacting with public is very important. It makes public be convinced that I am confident about my speech. Also, as you said, it is difficult to focus on the content of presentation and speech manner at the same time, but when you choose one person from public and just make an eye contact with that person, you will not lose your flow of presentation. However, if you are available, it is the best manner that look around when you are making a speech

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (lab102)kimdoojin »

I think your idea(choosing one person from public and just making an eye contact with that person) is very effective skill for presentation.
Yeah, most of the trouble in presentation are the matters of mind. I also suffer from that. I think it happens because the presenters are afraid of audiences.
If the lecturer thinks that the audiences are hostile to him or her, he or she is likely to have "mental collapse(멘탈붕괴)". Then he or she can`t lead the presentation well,
no matter how well he or she prepared for it. So I think we should make us believe that the audiences are friendly to us, when we make presentation.(In fact the audiences are
friendly to the presenter in most cases.) I think, making a joke is one of helpful skill for the lecturers to relax themselves. If you make a joke during the presentation and the audiences
laugh at that, you can be sure that they are friendly to you and have interest in your presentation.
But be careful! If you fail to make them laugh, joke could be another factor for your mental collapse!

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (lab102)InesJarqueWarnotte »

Me too, I have the same problem. When I have to do a presentation, I start to stress and even forget what I prepared in advence. It''s even harder when you have to do a presentation in an other language than yours! I mean, when I have to speak in Korean, English or Spanish, it even makes it harder. But I found out with time that the best way is to focus to people you know, when you do the presentation. Because since they smile at you and they are familiar faces, it really gives you reassurance and therefore you feel more comfortable during the presentation. It really helps me when I do it that way, I hope it will also help you. ^^

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by lab102-ParkEunra »

yep, standing in public always makes me nervous:P However when I prepare the presentation thoroughly I really enjoy it. That's because I am confidence with it. So the first step is preparing it very very well! the postive respond from the public gives you much power! So find someone who really really gives you positive reactions such as smiling and nodding. and try not to just read the script or be boring but try to communicate with people. In my case, I suppose I am telling a funny story to my friends and think that screwing up this presentation can't kill me, what the hell, just do this. haha. I hope it is helping. thanks!

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (lab102)jounghwanpark »

When I make a presentation in front of an audience, I tend to speak really fast, so I always try to be aware of that and speak slow. The key problem with speaking fast is that pronunciation of words become unclear for the audience to hear and understand what I'm saying. After reading your post, I think a good way could be to fix your eyes on the back of the room or something rather than the audience in order to get your focus off the people who might make you nervous. Although eye contact is imoortant in presentations, I think in fixing your problem in becoming a better speaker, the above suggestion could be a good way to try out next time.

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (starbucks)Tae-Hun, Gu »

I'm not the exception. I have a serious stage fright and still on my way overcoming it. When making the presentation, I try to talk to pepole, not wall, ceiling or empty desks. (Do not hide behind the podium, it will make you even more humble!) And I try not to memorize the script. Knowing the flow of the script lets me talk in my own way.

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (101)sohnjinjoo »

Since I am not a natural born presenter, I get help from visual aids.
I spend lots of time on making slides more interesting so it can captivate the audience during presentation.
I put image on the first for attention getter because if the beginning is boring,
people are likely not listen to presentation until the end of presentation.
And I also prepare a lot of incentive like chocolate and candies to help move the presentation along.
From my experience, incentive is a great way to include audience participation.
And I felt like I was able to interact with audience.

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (starbucks)Han Sun Joo »

I was very nervous when I presented something. But I overcome through thorough preparing before my presentation. For example, I make a script and read it again and again. And via these process I can have confidence. So I don't confuse when I present. Also because I know the next content that I must say, I can see the audience and communicate with them. I think that proper hands gesture may be help do presentation.

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by lab102-Wansoo Cho »

I'm sure practice makes perfect. There is no royal road as you know. Whenever chance you have, just try. Also in my experience, tutoring is also a good method to lighten your nervousness in front of people. I always get nervous during presentation, but tutoring really helped me to overcome it. I'm still poor presenter, but as days go by I feel I'm improving.

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Re: Do you have any presentation skill?

Post by (starbucks)joungyoonchoi »

I usually focus on specific people (for instance, friends or people i'm likely never to see again if no friends are present in the audience) and stare at them in turn as i talk. this helps me to not get as nervous...

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