Does body language really help communication?

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Does body language really help communication?

Post by (Aplus)kimyongsun »

People often use body languages in order to deliver their messages to others effectively. For example, when I am making a speech, I use my hands to express my true mind and show my passion. However, sometimes, my friends tell me that my hand gesture is kind of irritating and inattentive.

Do you think that body language really helps people to communicate with others?

Also, tell me about other body language that you often use.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (starbucks)leehyeonsoo »

I think body language is really useful when you want to express your feelings more specifically.
For example, you can express that you are really upset by frowning your face.

In my opinion, body language works especially well when people are traveling.
I mean, suppose you are in france, and you want to drink some water or coffee,
but don't know how to speak the word "drink" in France.
and then if you imitate the gesture of "drinking", the waiter will be likely to understand its meaning and
bring you some water or beverage.

But of couse some flaws could be there. Like, in former situationg I refered, the waiter might
bring you some alcohol, which you don't want.
And you have to be very careful of using the wrong gesture.
For example, in Brazil, "OK" sign is a very deragotory gesture.

So I think body language is useful in overall cases, but sometime you need to be careful about using it.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (starbucks) Young-Ju Song »

I think body language helps people to understand their intentions in most of the cases. I agree that sometimes it can make listeners be puzzled because people accept the action differently. Expecially in foreign country, people may accept your body language wrong. However, we usually consider not only the speaker's body language, but also his or her tone, facial expression and contents. Body launguage does not work independently. So, even though body languages are sometimes accepted differently by people, it does not disturb people to communicate.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (lab102)leedaeun »

I think body language helps communicate better. As you mentioned with body language you can express your thoughts and feelings more effectively. For example, when I am with my friends talking, I lean forward to show that I am listening. On the other hand, when I am bored, I cross my arms. In these cases, i do not have to say "hey I am listening" or "that's boring". The body language that I use help my friends to understand what I am thinking. So I believe using body language appropriately will actually help communicate better with people.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by starbucks-Leekyuik »

I think body language is very useful to conversation especially when talking to foreign people.
Also I usually think body language can deliver the meaning precisely when talking to same language people too.
But after reading your post my thought changes a little bit.
I think when using a body language, there is a possibility to concentrating on body language not a speaker's speach.
In conclusion proper degree of body language can be helpful to conversation but if it gets excessive it can be obstacle to conversation
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (starbucks)Han Hye Kyung »

I think body languages help conversation a lot. In fact, many clebrities use body languages to effectively convey their messages. When people use body languages, the messages are often emphasized and clarified. Of course, if those body languages become uneccessarily too much, it would be hindering conversation. People would have a hard time concentrating on the conversation topic because listeners' attention is dispersed by exaggerated body languages. However, slight change in position or small hand gestures or nodding would greatly get along with the messages the speakers are trying to convey and make the listeners to focus more.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (101)Leeyerang »

I think that body languages especially the ones with the hand shows a lot while having a conversation. If a person does too much body language, it might be a bit irritating, but I think an appropriate amount of body language is necessary.
I don't think that I have a particular body language, however whenever I get nervous, I touch my hair or cover my mouth. Also whein I am thinking about what to say, I have a habit of rolling my eyes.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (starbucks)Tae-Hun, Gu »

It should be OK if the amount of gestures are adequate. A friend of mine is a very fluent speaker, but her hands moves like Steven Seagal as she speaks which drives everyone crazy. Too much gestures distract listeners. I think eye contacts are important, too. Avoiding eye contact makes listners feel disrespectful.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (sixzero7)HamSuMin »

I thought that using bodylanguage is very helpful in communication. It would be help to express your opinion or emotion as you use it . It's could more helpful when you are talking about something is not well expressed with only your language.

For example, when you travel foreign countries, it's not easy to communicate people of there because you can't speak their language fluently. It's not easy to ask very simple thing and it could be difficulty to enjoy the travel. However, as you speak something with bodylanguage, they could see what tou want by watching your bodylanguage. However, it should be used properply because there are some bodylanguages which have different meaning according to the country.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (apple) jung hyun chae »

I think body language really help communication in our life, from our daily conversation with friends and family to a official speech given by politicians, celeberities. In our daily conversation, we often use face expression to show your feeling or emotion more vivid than just saying words like good, nice, sad, etc.
Also I read an article that Hillary Clinton's body language conveyed her message effectively and captured the audiences.

And some above gave several examples of using body language while traveling in foreign countries, but also we should be aware of that there are some different meaning of same body language motions. For example, in most countries, OK jesture (with fingers) means okay. But in Japan it means money, and in Brazil it has a sexual meaning. Thumbs up mostly mean agreement or great but in Austrailia it means rejection, sign of rudeness, and in the Middle East it means an obscene act.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (starbucks)Sim In Bo »

I think body language really helps communication. When I talk with my friends, I usually use body languages. By using body langauages I can make my friends more interested about conversation. In this point, I think body languages can really help the communication. Because body languages can make the audiences more intensive.
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Re: Does body language really help communication?

Post by (starbucks)Han Sun Joo »

I think that the body language help communication. In my case, I use hands gesture usually, when I talk to my friend. I consider that help deliver my intention of the saying and also help focus her or him attention. Someone maybe told you that the body langauge like hands gesture interrupts his or her understanding. Howver I guess that It feels as if something's missing when there is no the body language.
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