Do you think sharing is a discussion?

If you want to get some interview advice, come on in. Also the place for discussing units 6 & 12 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students. And if you need advice for a different kind of conversation that doesn't fit into one of the other categories, ask here. Examples include but are not limited to how to fire someone, how to tell someone their zipper is down, etc.
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(Starbucks)Seungjae Lee
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Do you think sharing is a discussion?

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This is not about conversation skills but I think it concerns the category "Interviews & other specific conversation types."
While I discuss in online(, I saw many topics "which are not discussion topics."
You need to know what the discussion means in dictionary : [NOUN] If there is discussion about something, people talk about it, often in order to reach a decision.
Do you get it? Discussion is to reach a decision. But many topics in this online class are not for "discussion".
For example, "Do you have a lover?" or "Share your experience!". Do you think these topics are really discussion topics?I think we need to know the kind of conversation(대화의 성격) : Is it a discussion? Or normal chatting?
Anselm Lee
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Re: Do you think sharing is a discussion?

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A broad definition of discussion is to talk about a question or a topic in open, usually informal, manner. Reaching a decision is not an important goal for our discussion here, and I'd like you to remember that we are doing this in part to improve our language skills. So I would say yes to your question. :)
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