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do you have personal secret in communication ?(sixzero7)

Posted: Mon May 21, 2012 4:35 pm
by parkboin
Non-verbal expression - face look, tone, and esp gesture etc - effective in communicating with others. I know someone who make a clap during chatting with friends. At first time I engaged conversation with her, that is a liite bit of noise , which make me distracted or suddenly alramed. But, as we are getting along with, I thought it's a really good skill in chatting. It gained concentration in which she thinks important, give her impression that she is enthusiastic to conversation.

I also have personal non-verbal expression in teaching my students when tutoring. I usually make V-shape hand gesture to them. At first, they ,as I did above, are a liite buffled with my gesture. But, they soon know it's a signal indicating where is important or critical. Now I see them paying their attention more whenever I make that gesture.

I'm certain that you have your personal gesture or nonverbal expression, I want to know what it is, when to use or what effect it has when you're communicating with others. Please let know your recipe:)