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Jokes in a presentation

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:25 pm
by (lab102)hyeeunlee
When giving a presentation, I think it is very difficult to get people's attention. Even with lots of information and preparation, it is easy for the audience get bored.
When I told this concern to my ì„ ë°°, he adviced me to use jokes to get people's attention. But it is really difficult to think of any joke, and as you know, even with the same joke 'the fun' depends on who delivers the joke. As for me it's very difficult to think of any good jokes in front of people and to make the jokes fun. :(
So.. Do you have any particular jokes when giving a presentation?
Or what do you think is important to have a successful presentation?

Re: Jokes in a presentation

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:03 pm
by apple-anyumi
I totally agree. Making proper jokes according to the topic is extremely difficult, and even "the fun" depends on who speaks it as you said.
It requires a high level of smartness and wittiness. I think they only come from the accumulation of actual presentation experience for years.
And when the joke you prepared fails to make the audience laugh or even draw their attention, you would be so embarrassed. It is risky.
And if you focus too much on only "a hook", such as making jokes to draw the audiences' attention, your entire presentation might be looked disturbed, disorganized, eventually, pointless.

So if you are still learning how to present well, and develop fundamental skills for presentation, how about focusing more on organizing your presentation properly and delivering the purpose of your presentation well? As you get used to the basic and typical but desirable form of presentation, you will get to have the tact to produce appropriate jokes or anecdotes which enhance the quality of your presentation.