About rhino poaching and its alternative--legal market

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(106)Yeongseok Kim
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About rhino poaching and its alternative--legal market

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I thought about the issue rhino poaching and its alternative, legal market of rhino horns. but What i came to conclude is that I don't think the idea of making medicine from animals bodies are acceptable in the perspective of human being. have you seen the pictures of rhino kneeling on the ground with their horns cut off and bleeding, that's too cruel , that's out of boundary, that's too much for animals. They are a part of the mother nature. Why would people do that, what for? for the sake of health itself? without horns, tusks, people still can enjoy lives in a good healthy.
I think the idea of legalizing the rhino ranching is stupid and bullshit. what do you guys think?
(102) Liz Herrera
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Re: About rhino poaching and its alternative--legal market

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It is a big debate about legalize or not the trade in rhino horn, I´m completely against rhino hunting, but the trade in rhino horn for medical purposes is a very big business, it is in constant demand in Asia, especially in China form medical purposes.

There are many economic points about the legalization of rhino horn, it represents a very big business, although its true magnitude is unknown due to the black market. I don´t think it would be a good idea to legalize it, because criminals always will try to undercut the price of rhino horn, but also it can be a way to reduce the price of rhino horn and reduce incentives for poachers.

As I mention at the beginning of this post, I´m against rhino hunting,I think it´s a very cruel action, it´s unnatural and it represents the negligence of people and government, despite the cultural factors that are involve.

There are many organizations and projects that intended stop rhino hunting, it is a big challenge, but I think that is possible to change our minds and be respectful with other human beings.
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