Bad memory with sports

MMA, baseball, ice skating, bowling, football, soccer (I'm American), etc.
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Bad memory with sports

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When I was a kid I used to like all sorts of sports, including baseball, soccer and basket ball. But it all changed after a tragic accident. I believe it was the early years of my elementary school. I would play with may friends after school near my apartment. In that particular day we played soccer. Because we didn't have any playground near our apartment building, we used to kick the ball in the parking lot. After playing for a while I accidentally kicked the ball on the wrong part of the ball, making me to fall down on my face. I broke my nose, and was traumatized ever since. I couldn't look straight at a moving ball with out flinching ever since. Naturally I couldn't play any sports that are related to balls any more. It's not hard to predict that I had failed most of the mandatory sports activities in middle school and high school. I don't have any good memory or even any memorable moments playing sports.

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Re: Bad memory with sports

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I think everybody has at least one bad memory with sports. I feel sorry that seriously bad things happened to you.
However, I think we grow up with bad memories with sports in our childhood. If we just enjoy playing sports when we were little, we'll get bored with them soon.
In my case, I learned inline skating by making continual mistakes. I became very interested in it when I realized that my inline skating ability is growing up in those mistakes. And I am sure that I became quite a good inline skater now through those experiences.
So, in brief, I want to insist that a bad memory can be a good memory in the result playing sports.

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Re: Bad memory with sports

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When I was young , I was hit by ball
so, until now I feel terrified sometimes when I think about it.
because of the bad memory, I didn't like the ball game very much.
But I try to overcome this problem for some time past.

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Re: Bad memory with sports

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When I was in elementary school, I used to play soccer all day.
But, one day I was tackled by one of my friends. It was so terrible that I had to get a surgery on my knee.
However, after I got a surgery I do not have any aftereffect. So, I don't care about the accident and I like to play soccer these days too.

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