What sports do you play?

MMA, baseball, ice skating, bowling, football, soccer (I'm American), etc.
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Re: What sports do you play?

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The sports that i feel most excited these days is wind surfing. I love it not only because of it's easiness( we don't have to move) but also it's the sports that needs to use your brain. And also we can see the overall view of the Han river. Watching that we can think about our own thoughts and that's really good. Why don't you go Han river and enjoy some wonderful wind surfing ( it's somewhat sad to say that we can only enjoy that by renting kyung-hee's )
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Re: What sports do you play?

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My favorite sport which can be played in school was soccer. I played soccer all day when I was in high school.
And squash is my best. When I first tried that sport, I thought I had to have enough power.
But I had to calculate the angle. It is so interesting that I always played in vacation.
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