What sports do you play?

MMA, baseball, ice skating, bowling, football, soccer (I'm American), etc.
won jung
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by won jung »

After watching 1994 world cup, I`ve play soccer once a week.

I usally play in wing but somtimes in center. My best ability is kick. I can make a goal when our team get a freekick.

Actually, I wanted to be a soccer playes when i was in middle school student. But as we know, to be succeed in any sports is harder than in studying.

That`s why i changed my dream. Even though I changed my dream, i`ve enjoyed that really.

I also like to watch soccer match such as EPL , SPL, and Champions Leagea. Especially, I like fc barca, because they have lots of player who have real talent in soccer.

My best player is andrea inesta. I think he can play everywhere in midfielder position with high quality. He can pass the ball like Xabi, can drible like Messi.

In my opinion, he has real talent from god.
Eagle Wendy
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Eagle Wendy »

I like to play dodge ball very much.
Beacuse It's ease to play and It's very interesting.
So I love it.
I guess almost all of the girls like to play this sports.
I'm going to start go exercise again since next semester:D
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by eagle-eric »

I really like to play sports.
And I like to play soccer most.
I usually play soccer twice a week and I also played yesterday.
Although American think soccer is a kid thing,
I do not agree and I think it is the most enjoyable thing in world.
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Eagle-Dan »

In these days, I usually go to gym in university.
my friend and I go to the gym every day.
my friend and I exercise and running, and cycling.
I really like sports.
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Lucky-TaeWon »

My favorate sports is ski.

I used to go ski resort every month, in winter vacation.

I'm not good at snowboarding though. Because, I think ski has a real history.

Snowboarding, this kind of thing has a lot of tricks, but for ski, there are not that much tricky style.

I think ski is easier than snowboarding to study, but it is harder to be a ski master.

So, I'm always trying to be a good skier more than a normal snowboarder.
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Eagle-Joon »

Every weekend, i go to gym and health center. i have to excercise more my healty care, and afternoon i go to Han-River , i have to riding or play basketball.
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Eagle-Jinny »

Actually, I'm poor at any kind of athlets, and I'm not that into doing sports.
The only one what I like is snowboarding.
I have been snowboarding for 9 years.
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by lucky-sodam »

specially i dont play , but i used to play basketball by myself last year.
actually there are not many people play basketball so i do by myself.
i was teached by strangers passed by.
i can just draw a ball, and shoot but i sometime play it and search for woman friends are interested in play it
Irma Yolanda
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Irma Yolanda »

My favorite sport is BRIDGE. I have been playing bridge since I was elementary school. But in my country only anybody can play bridge because bridge isn't popular in my country and to play bridge is difficult
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Sun-HyoJin-Hong »

I used to play soccer and volleyball at my primary and secondary school. In Argentina, where i came from, many play soccer. I liked more volleyball than soccer, because soccer makes your legs thick. LOL. I used to go out to competitions with other teams for volleyball. I enjoyed playing it very much. But since i graduated high school i stopped playing it, because after i moved to Korea there was no team to sum up with for volleyball. So i tried with tennis, because there was a tennis court near my house, and i liked to try a new sport. It was pretty good. However, after i entered college i didn't have time to play them because of matter of time. I wish i will have the opportunity to play both volleyball and tennis again.
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by lostKimMinJeong »

most high school students play baseball or soccer in their free time. And girls usually play dodgeball while boys play them. But most students in korea cannot play any kind of sport because they have to study for their grade. That is kind of really sad story because students should exercise for tjeir health andd to manage.their stresses from adsignments.....
Lost_Jueun Jeong
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Lost_Jueun Jeong »

I enjoy swimming and snowboarding. i have been swimming and snowboarding for more than 3 years. and i really like to see a family playing and parents teaching their child how to snowboarding. i think it is good for children to learn these kind of sports. so if i have a child after, i definatley let them learn to play at least one sports.
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Lostriho »

Well, I've played a lot of different kinds of sports as I was growing up. I used to play tennis, football, soccer, baseball, basketball and many other sports. I was really athletic. But as I grew up, I guess I really focused mostly on playing basketball. I think basketball was one of the things that helped me grow taller, physically.
(Lost)Sanghyun Chi
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by (Lost)Sanghyun Chi »

when i was in elementary school, i didnt play any sports except PE and hanging out with kids in a playground. But since i entered the middle school, i have played basketball. i broke a lot of glasses while playing basketball in highschool.
And i think 'watching' sports and 'playing' sports myself can be irrelavant, which means i enjoy watching EPL or korean baseball league but dont like to play soccer and im not good at playing baseball.
Lost Kyoungsoo
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Re: What sports do you play?

Post by Lost Kyoungsoo »

I was a kid who really like playing various sports: swimming, taekwondo, dancing, met exercise, kayaking, tennis, golf, horse riding, kickball.... However, I quit all those sports when I became 15 saying, "I have no time for it."(what a nonsense!)
As soon as I entered the college, I joined school tennis team and did my best. I loved tennis. But a quarrel over training schedules occured one year later, and I decided to quit it after a long hesitation. Then, I soon started basketball instead. However, I finally gave up tring it after spraining my little fingers two times in a row. ....Why!!

Any way, right now, I'm not playing any sports but doing some simple daily exercises like sit-up and crunches regularly. I'm planning to start swinning and dancing this summer.

(By the way, last week I found out that my arm muscles still remains well-developed, even comparing with a friend who is an excellent tennis player. Somewhat shocking..... )
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