Poor infrastructure in high school PE class.

MMA, baseball, ice skating, bowling, football, soccer (I'm American), etc.
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Poor infrastructure in high school PE class.

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One of the sports that I learnt during high school when I was in the UK was field hockey.
(For your information, it was a Public high school.)
Simply put, it is hockey played on artificial grass.
It is played with a round plastic ball (quite hard) and a hockey stick.
And the rules are simple. Dribble the ball with your stick and score.

The reason I could learn this kind of sports is because UK high schools tend to have more infrastructure.
Every PE class, they hired a tour bus and took us to a 'real' hockey field so that we can actually learn 'real' field hockey.
But I think Korea has less platform to actually pursue these new kind of sports.
All we play is soccer, basketball, soccer, basketball again and again.

Do you agree? What do think is the solution to this matter?
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