High school field day~

MMA, baseball, ice skating, bowling, football, soccer (I'm American), etc.
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High school field day~

Post by (Lost)Haein.Cho » Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:16 pm

My high school has a field day. This is the bigest event of a year, so every student attend this event only except high school seniors.
We have 5 majors in high school, so we have five teams for game.
We did various kinds of sports games including kickball(for girls), soccer(for girls and boys), basketball(for boys), dodge ball(for girls), volleyball(for girls and boys), a tug-of-war(for both), running a relay(for both), jumping rope(for both) and cheerleading(for both).
That was really exciting experience. I was a kickball player. For this event we prepared for 2 weeks. Everyday we played kickball and we did practice game with other teams. At that time we felt like we were in physicahl education high school. We went camping place together and we did game for 2 nights and 3 days. It was really fantastic event for student.
I enjoyed many kinds of sports and supported our team. Each team had own cheering song and chant, so we chanted together.
When i was high school sophomore, my team won the cup. That was awesome memory for me.

Except this event, we learned golf and badminton during the PE class.
Sports is very fun and fantastic.

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