About K-league(Korea soccer)

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About K-league(Korea soccer)

Post by Inha(25)Leesungmin »

When I was see the EPL(Premiere League), I don't interasting about K-

League. EPL is very speedy and activity so viewer always have high

tension. But K-League is don't haver to speedy and activity. so I onlt see

the EPL. also EPL player have good individual skill. so viewer feels have

interasting. But I don't feel the interasting about K-League. What do you

think about it?
Jason M. Ham
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Post by Jason M. Ham »

Do you think the level of play is really different between the EPL and the K-League? Where do you think the Pohang Steelers would place in the EPL? I've heard that the K-League has had trouble developing (in part)because a lot of Korea's best players sign contracts abroad. What do you think can be done to get more people to attend K-League games? Why don't more Koreans attend K-League games and support their favorite teams? Is it something about the culture? Do you think Korean culture/society would allow Koreans to become dedicated fans and sell out the stadiums each week? This kind of support would be needed for the K-League to be really successful, don't you think?
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I think we have to blame on ourselves.

Post by Inha(906)JungChulUng »

We think EPL is really good.
But you know why it became really good?
Because people livingin Englans love soccer.
So that soccer industry improved very big.
How many times do you go to stadium to see their play?
I don't like Korean people blaming on K-leaguers play.
Their plays are made by us.
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Re: About K-league(Korea soccer)

Post by trity97 »

<Error analysis> Kong, Yangje

When I was see the EPL(Premiere League), I don't interasting about K-League ----> was see(x) was watching, saw, or watched.
I think it is an overzeneralization error
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Re: About K-league(Korea soccer)

Post by 201020037 Tae Kyoung »

K-league is respected as the best league in Asia by other Asian country
K-league's future star still training for future of Korean Soccer, It's mirror of current era
90-00's K-league is more popular than current era, and now It's never be same again, and even some fan belittle their league
But It's not good...Accepting gap and different is good, But It also good that care about their country league...even though K-league never be the same again...but Still a lot fan loves and respects K-league

Of course It's each everyone's choice...But It's most important to have the respect attitude
200720690 Yi Hwang
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Re: About K-league(Korea soccer)

Post by 200720690 Yi Hwang »

EPL English Premier League
It is the world's most watched league and the most lucrative - attracting the top
players from all over the globe. Hard to believe then that the first ball kicked in
the Premier League was as relatively recently as 15th August 1992.
K-League is a high-level league.
Is not just popular. We must love it.
It it can be better than today.
200721423 Lee YongNam
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Re: About K-league(Korea soccer)

Post by 200721423 Lee YongNam »

I think so. Most of people like to watch EPL is very active, speedy and interesting.
But we shouldn't compare the K-League with EPL clearly.
Becaese EPL has moer deep a soccer history than Korea soccer and many excellent soccer players.
It is no wonder that EPL is the most interesting.
What team do you like in EPL ??

By the way, Have you ever seen a game of K-League??
I've seen it once, when i was a elementary school student.
I think it can be interesting a little...
201021042 Jangyounhee
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Re: About K-league(Korea soccer)

Post by 201021042 Jangyounhee »

I agree with you !
I also like EPL . especially I LOVE the Manchester United
so I always watch the Manchester United team's game.

I don't know why I don't like K-league game.
maybe it is because EPL has a larger scale and famous soccer players (it is similar to your opinion)
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Re: About K-league(Korea soccer)

Post by 201021038 Hyun Jeong »

Maybe one weeks ago? I went to the stadium to watch k-league.
Suwon and Busan fought each other. and I went there following fan of suwon.
That was my first match that I saw direct.
And that was incerdible and so so so fun.
I sat in cheering section, the stadium was full of excitement.
That was incredible.
When the soccer ball that goalkeeper kicked for event flew to me
and the ball passed through after touched my hand, I felt electricfied.
I didn't know about the soccer but the match was so exciting.
Even though Suwon was defeafed, that was okay.
So I recommand you go to stadium!!!
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