Korean students

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Korean students

Post by Parkjunghyun »

More and more we Korean students go to other countries just to study English. What I don’t understand is why they are spending a lot of money on something they can learn in Korean since there are plenty of English institute and native speakers in Korea. Do you think Korean students is not capable of studying English in Korea or do they have other reasons?

200721423 Lee YongNam
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Re: Korean students

Post by 200721423 Lee YongNam »

I think so. Most of korean university students want to go aboard for learning English.
There are a lot of good teachers who are from a native English country in Korea.
Actually many university students are learning English skills in a English academy or school.
But they always tell "I want to go to the U.S, U.K and Australia to learn English."

We just learn English for a score in korea like TOEIC, TOFEL and OPIC.
I think if you want to study real English skills, you have to connect to everything in English.
Because the English language is not Mathematic, Science and Social study.
Moreover Korea students want to have various new experiences.

If you went aboard, what country do you want to go ??

201020074 Yangjisoo
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Re: Korean students

Post by 201020074 Yangjisoo »

Hi, I'm Yangjisoo. I think that more and more korean students are going to study abroad especially English does not regard good phenomenon.
As you know, To survive Korea society, we study very very hard.
For this reason, since childhood, many korean children go to a lot of private educational institutes.
Especially, many parents think English is the most important thing in korea and send their children to English private educational institute or even to abroad.
In reality, we cannot survive our society without english.
If you can speak in english well, you can go to good university and even you can get a good job.
Because of the trend of public opinion, studying english is inevitable.
As a result, going to abroad became popular situation and even people who is not to go abroad regard as strange.
But, we can be good at speaking in english without going to abroad.
There are many ways such as watching english movie without caption or repeating english sentence and so on without going abroad.
In fact, all korean student studying abroad don't succeed in this life.
Some student is not study but play even take drug.
What was worse, 'wild goose father', who are working very hard and send money their children and wives who are going to abroad for their children's english education appears as new trend.
What do you think about this matter? Do you think going to abroad is only society stream?
I think studying abroad not society stream but society matter.
We watch this matter as sharp attention.

201020502 Shin hye
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Re: Korean students

Post by 201020502 Shin hye »

I think korean students waste their time and money.
when we want to learn about how to speak English ,
we need first to learn how to speak korean, and think
deeply, comunicate with other people.
If someone go out of country early, he can't that.
for example my friend went to Newzealand when she was young.
so she wasn't speak korean well.
I really think korean is first to korean

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Re: Korean students

Post by 200620104Yisul »

um, I think the reason Korean student study English so zealously is they have to do even they do not want to be good at English if they want to get a better job. That means a compuny ask to a jop seeker about having some kind of score of English skill aslike Toeic, Opic.
In korea, untill now we can't avoid our reality. because that is our living now.
But I think maybe this kind of situation will become mitigated within few years because other language is asked to student like Chinese or Indian.

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Re: Korean students

Post by leifaldrin »

Maybe,some other reason.But it would be great if they will know the culture of the native English.

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Re: Korean students

Post by chris »

This phenomenon still leaves me mystified. I've been teaching Korean ESL students for four years now. When asked why they want to learn English and even spend much for it, they gave one answer: it's very important language, the lingua franca of the world..the thing is, other people larned English without going out of their native land and still spoke the language as if born with it. Korean people complain on the expensive cost of education, but I guess they're creating the situation themselves.

Daeun Lee
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Re: Korean students

Post by Daeun Lee »

hmm, i think going abroad it not NECESSARY but can be HELPFUL enough. Not only in english skill but students who have been to abroad usually have their unique character, different from students made solely in Korea. I mean, they (not ALL of them) are usually broad-sighted, open-minded, and relatively NOT timid or shy.

Of course, the more students are exposed to an English-speaking environment, the easier it is for them to learn the language. However, cash strapped families don't have to push it. The thing is, the Korean parents that are extremely education oriented feel their children get left behind if they don't go abroad. We need to change this common idea. As you said, in Korea there are many good instituitions already. And there are so many students who have never been abroad but have a nice English. Everything is up to student's attitude and effort.

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Re: Korean students

Post by Yoona »

I once had a korean friend and studying english abroad. I asked her why there are koreans have to live abroad just to study english and she told me that studying english in their country is way too expensive and they feel like it's better to study abroad maybe because of the way they teach.

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Re: Korean students

Post by cursosenvalladolid »

I think Korean student can also learn English because English is very easiest and well known language.

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