Where is student in today education?

Talk about your experiences in school and/or the education system in your country.
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Where is student in today education?

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we saw the videos like ' a vision of tudents today, rethinking education and k-2 students today' at last conversation class. I'm not good at English listening (although my major is English linguistics) so I couldn't understand much of it. But when I saw them again, a sentence impressed me. "where is student?" Today we have very various access to educational resources, especially in Enternet. And such accesses have been indispensible for modern education systems. In this situations, I think some contradictory states happen at the same time. those who neglect the benifit of information revolution. And the others who force students to engage in education and create new contents by themeselves, so that paradoxically students are isolated from it. I cannot judge which one is right. And also I connot take no account of the profit from them. It is helpful as a today's university student to think about the meaning of real education.
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Re: Where is student in today education?

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Where is the student?

I think part of the problem (and I haven't seen the video you're talking about so I'm just going off what you wrote) is that students accept the goals society sets for them too readily. Then many feel isolated because their motivation is not really intrinsic.

I used to ask my students in discussion class what they dreamed of but I never do anymore. I stopped because the answer (I want to get a good job) was too depressing for me. I should probably be more proactive in guiding my students toward setting some personally fulfilling goals. I actually tried something along these lines recently with an advanced conversation class on Chomsky's criticism of capitalism and the idea of the "wage slave."

Anyway, students need to do a better job of shaping their own destinies. Professors should be bale to help, of course, but students ultimately choose a course for themselves. Then we can talk about the information they need, the education they need, and so on.
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Re: Where is student in today education?

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Many students are studying in internet. ebs, megastudy, edunet... etc. they are very popular site for study.
That how to study is very convenient. and we can get many imformation about the study.
(especially High school student preparing for the College Scholastic Ability Test.)
I think we will not go to school somtime. how about you?
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Re: Where is student in today education?

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i still believe that schooling must be the first choice of students.It will build your personal approach to anybody.it will develop self esteem,unlike online.
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Re: Where is student in today education?

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As a college student, many of my peers and I all seem to be at a loss as to why they are actually in college. Myself interested in so many things wonder where I am to be in my education and many other students I talk to seem to be at a similar stage. Many of them do not seem to be interested in happiness as much as success, most notably financially. While the argument can be made that happiness comes with success, what about vice versa?
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Re: Where is student in today education?

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The biggest defect in today's education is that it does not give due consideration top practical knowledge. Education has become associated only with mugging up laws and theory. the practicals are pushed to sidelines. and what do we need to excel in today's competitive world- logical reasoning, rational thinking etc. These can be obtained from practical knowledge only, which has been neglected.

-Problem solving skills are not taught. these are extremely imp

-Education has become equal to science education. arts has been neglected. arts is imp. for a balanced dev. of thought-process but it is not given due consideration.

-Vocational skills are not taught.

Hope these points help u. if so, please vote me best answer. best of luck. :-)
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