Inequlity in educational system??

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(106)Yeongseok Kim
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Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (106)Yeongseok Kim » Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:20 am

we've dicussed the feed about "the better colleges fail to lure the talented poor". and we found out the three reasons for the failure: poor students are not aware of those seletive colleges; tuition fee is too high; affirmative action against racial inequlity is not taken.

So this is happening in America and how about in Korea? do we have also those kind of inequlities between the rich and the poor, the white and the colored. ok let's look into the first case. In Korea, actually it is definitely obvious that every single student in Korea, wherever they are, are aware of the most top universites, and they are in reality sweating for those destinations of high school studies. Meaning that the fist case doesn't count in Korea. move onto the second case. tuition fee is too high? yeah, absolutely it is. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the top talented poor students cannot put their step into the campus of the better colleges. In Korea, as far as I have known, there have been so many financial aid systems for the poor, and so many advantages too in the admission process. Furthermore, In korea, high tuition fee is predominant phenomenon, that doesn't surpirse me at all. that's been around Korea for quite a long time. And get on to the third case. Racial inequlity is not a problem here. but The gap between the rich and the poor is a huge issue we need to look into. Thesedays, we can find in everyday life those people who have been studying abroad in Europe, and America, or elsewhere, came back to schooin in Korea. most of them are rich. They got money to spend on what they want to do for their studies, entertainment, whatever that is. But the poor. they ain't got nothin. They are just poor. They have stand on their feet, fight for everyday life, no one is backin up financially. That's what happen in Korea. As time goes by, this already huge gap gets growing between the R and the P. In the long run, that already huge gap will bring out exponentially trememdous difference in life between those two groups.

so, what do we have to do get rid of this inequlity?

(106)Lee Hyunjeong
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (106)Lee Hyunjeong » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:15 pm

Actually, first of all, I have quite different idea about Korea's aid systems that Yeongseok Kim said. Even though, there are so many scholarship programs in Korea, there are so many poor students who cannot receive scholarship. I saw many students around me who couldn't get scholarship or get only 1/6 of tuition fee.
Anyway, to resolve inequality problem, widely, government need to consider poors. For example, they should get much more taxes from riches and exempt taxes which poors have to pay. Furthermore, government should inspect the evaders of taxes regularly. Second, universities should try to diminish tuition fees. There are so many universities which use money just for themselves. Students and parents couldn't know where universities use those lots of money.
If each person tries to care about the poor, I think we can resolve inequality problem.

(106) Sanggyun Kim
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (106) Sanggyun Kim » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:58 pm

What you analyze about Korean educational inequality is persuasive ; there is only rich and poor inequality.
So, what do we have to do get rid of this inequality?? Actually I don't know and we don't know. Noone has idea to solve this. I think that is an universial problem; rich and poor.
I think what we can do is to guarantee the minimum level of education for the poor. It sounds little bit cruel. But there's nothng we can do about it. If we provide excessive aid, that could be reverse discrimination for the rich and the middle. And also the standard for the poor is unclear.

106Geehae Kang
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by 106Geehae Kang » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:24 pm

A thought-provoking current concerns the equality in educational system for all social classes. According to the news article that discussed in the classroom, some people may argue that it is unfair for the top low-income students that they do not receive enough opportunities compared to top high-income students when they try to attend selective colleges. Therefore, it is timely to consider the validity of this perspective. I believe the aforementioned educational issue does not take place in Korea; rather it has became more improved.
Like professor Kim already mentioned above, most of the Korean students are eager to get into selective colleges. No matter how poor or rich these students are, do majority of the students study hard to achieve the goal. Moreover, the South Korean government has continuously made an effort to keep the educational equality for every student to get through diverse ways; such as cutting off half of tuition fees of national universities, offering national scholarships for all low-income students through KOSAF(Korea Student Aid Foundation), not to mention that every Korean college has offered scholarships to the low-income students. These efforts have been made well and I believe more and more student will be able to get enough financial aids as far as the students strive to get these supports.

(106)Yeongseok Kim
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (106)Yeongseok Kim » Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:05 pm

Yes, right, as long as poor students strive to get those supports, they can have enough financial aid for expensive tuition. As long As they do like that. but the saddest thing is the poorer people get, the more they fall behind. Vicious circle takes effect. The rich are more accessible to infomation on education like how to educate children, what to do to back them up, where to lead them. But the poor are still striving to make ends meet for every second, every minute, every day. The poor use outdated eletronic devices, live at the margin of world. No competition. No progress. No money.
I know this pessimistic perspective is extremely polarized but realistic.

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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (101)SungMinAhn » Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:39 pm

In korea, I think that there is little inequlity in education. Recently, most korean students use online lecture so called 인강. Thanks to online lecture, most korean students can take a high quality lecture and this online lecture isn`t expensive. So talented but poor students can get high grade on test. And in korea, most province students know the better college. It is different from America. The fact that students know about the better college can stimulate students to study. So I think the gap between the rich students and the poor students becomes smaller. In other words, I think the gap between the rich studenta and the poor students is not huge.

(102)Min je Jung
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (102)Min je Jung » Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:35 pm

In the last class, we read an article on the issue that poor students are not actually given a chance to enter the top universities. I suppose this tragic trend is also a prevalent problem that the korean society faces.

Like other east-asia countries, education is the most cherishable matter that most korean are concerned about.
Even though there are a number of advantages given to students in need to narrow the gap financially, still there are statistics that show educational inequality does exist. The Financially advantaged invests a quite amount of their income in their children's education, which low-income family could never afford to have an access to.
Also, I think only grade-based education system is to blame. There are a number of students who have a potential and talent for a variety of areas aside from academics. Such current education system does not offer students a chance to thoroughly look into their capabilities.
Therefore some solutions for these must be sought to boost equality and quality in education.

(102)Kim su yeon
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (102)Kim su yeon » Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:29 pm

I think nowadays's educational system in Korea in absorbed in private education.It took lots of money to send sons and daughters to academies.So it is a severe problem and makes poor students not access to expensive education.But there is not a fundamental solution for this.Government made some solutions but they were not effective. I think it is important to make the quality of public education better.Institutions responsible should always check and manage it.And if someone is so poor to go to expensive colleges, governments should help the one.

(102)Wonjae LEE
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (102)Wonjae LEE » Tue May 07, 2013 1:48 pm

I think, things are different in korea. Since everyone wants to go to 'top' universities to get a better job and korea is far smaller than America, it isn't a matter of not knowing 'top universities'. In korea, the reason is simple; lack of tuition money. The biggest problem with regards to it is that there is no or little financial aid for students in korea.

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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (103)JunhoLee » Tue May 21, 2013 4:40 am

I think the most urgent matter to take care of in Korea's education system is private institutions/ academies. These institutions make students learn things ahead of time and gives them advantage in the Korean education system. However, these institutions are extravagant thus only rich people can afford them. Fortuneless students will be left behind in the competition of getting admitted into college/University. As a result, the higher Universities take in more rich students than poor studnets.
Getting rid of them can be a big problem though. Private teaching institutions is a big business in Korea thus it feeds the mouth of a great population.

(103)Jin Hyeongho
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (103)Jin Hyeongho » Thu May 23, 2013 2:49 pm

I think the very reason of inequality in education is the monetary problem.

The poor cannot afford the high-quality education like extracurricular education.
So government have to solve the problem through the school education.
Today, competitive teachers give up their jobs in school and march to private education because of the earning.
In this case, government should invest the capital to school so we can improve the public education.
And it could lead to equality of the education.

(CVI)Jaesoon Hwang
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Re: Inequlity in educational system??

Post by (CVI)Jaesoon Hwang » Sat Jun 22, 2013 2:49 pm

In my opinion, inequality in education can be reduced by proper support. However, the support is bounded if leave it only to market force. Positive external effect is recommanded by whole member in market. Therefore, It should be executed by government. To reduce inequality, government have to design proper selection standard of support. As education can determine the country's future, if necessary, budget for education should be increased.

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