Present perfect

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Present perfect

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I have just learnt present perfect in the class. Now I wanna to practice in present perfect.
Just talk natural. I am so happy that I have got everything. I know I am not wealthy. But I am satisfy what I owned.I have traveled many different countries and I have met a variety of people. Some was treat you good and some was trick you. But it was still not bad. Because the experiences are learnt from the hard time.
I like reading. I have bought some Chinese books from China. I like English books too. Just because my reading skill is not good enough. I am planning to learn now. Therefore I have been set a daily schedule for myself. I wanted to rearrange my lifestyle. I wake up at 7:00. And eat some breakfast before 8:00. I start studing English at 8:00 something. I will have a nap in the afteroon etc. All these preparetion just for the future. I can't have a job now. There is a word that the chance is always left for the person who is preparing for. I am that person. I am confident and excited for my forthcoming new life. Learning English is hard and I have told myself never give up. You will through it. To obtain the bright prospect so you definitly have to spend your patient and energy. Once I though that and I be come concentration.
Wish my mind could take a happy day for you.
James Trotta
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Re: Present perfect

Post by James Trotta »

Let's look at one error and one good use of present perfect here.
Lifen wrote:Therefore I have been set a daily schedule for myself.
Here, we have present perfect passive (have been + past participle). To fix this error, make it active voice. It needs to be active because the subject 'I' is the one performing the action, the one who has set the schedule.
Lifen wrote:I have told myself never give up.
This is good. At some point in the past - we don't know exactly when, but we know it's important now - the author told herself 'never give up'
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