Clauses & Parts of Speech

Discuss noun clauses, adjective clauses, & adverb clauses. See how and when nouns, adjectives, & adverbs are used.

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Clauses & Parts of Speech

Post by ParkChangKyun(40) »

er.. not sure what to talk about..

forget it I have some interesting facts that you might not wanna know hah

Iran people do not participate in "Marathons" - > TRUE

Birds cough - > TRUE

Juliet is Romeo's first love!! - > FALSE (remember Rosaline?)

A earthworm has one heart - > FALSE

ar.. not interesting
Jason M. Ham
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Question's about your Facts

Post by Jason M. Ham »

Why is it that Iranians don't participate in marathons? Is it a religious reason? It's been awhile since I read Romeo and Juliet or saw it performed in a theater. Could you tell us who Rosaline was? I don't recall that character at all. Finally, I'll bite. How many hearts does an earthworm have? Where did you find your interesting facts?
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Post by scarlettO »

Hi, I just happened to read this post this morning...I too don't know who Rosaline is? Perhaps, you could tell us! I wonder if you are thinking of Roxanne, from Cyrano de Bergerace I think...Jason??

And, I didn't know about earthworms or Iranians and Marathons!!

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