Comparisons with adjectives [not]

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Orlando Bloom isn't as handsome as Brad Pitt.
Orlando Bloom is as handsome as Brad Pitt.
Orlando Bloom is almost as handsome as Brad Pitt.
Brad Pitt isn't as handsome as Orlando Bloom.
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Re: Comparisons with adjectives [not]

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The book Eclipse is not as good as Twilight (I wouldn't know)
The Yankees are better than the Mets (every year)
AT&T is way more expensive than Metro PCs (never heard of these Metro guys)
NYC is not even close to as beautiful as Paris (I think that's what you meant, right?)
Danny is not as funny as Sammy (excellent grammar)
mylalo2011 wrote:eclipse book is not as great as twilight.
books from twilight saga

The yankees is better than the Mets.

At&t cellphone company is way to expensive than Metro PCs.

NYC is not almost as beautiful as Paris.

Danny is not as funny as Sammy.
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