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too much

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We use "too much" to complain about a lot of something non-countable. For example, I feel that I do too much work and don't spend enough time with my wife. I would like this situation to change.

Notice how "work" is used as a non-countable noun (sometimes "works" can be used as a count noun).

Here's a good reason not to drink too much:
some people only vomit when they have consumed too much alcohol, other people just fall asleep (with or without vomiting) after they have consumed too much alcohol. In these people, death can follow in one of two ways: you may fall into a deep sleep and vomit while sleeping. What's the result? You choke on your own vomit because you are too intoxicated to wake up and clear out your airway. In other instances, you simply fall asleep and never wake up, because the concentration of alcohol is so high that the areas of your brain controlling life functions are so depressed that they stop functioning and so do you.
- from

This is another example that shows "too much" = bad, because you can die from too much alcohol.

Remember that too much goes with non-count nouns (use too many for countable nouns):
There are too many programmers creating too much free software.
- adapted from - In this one, both free software (non-count) and programmers making it (count) are considered bad byt he writer.
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