rewrite.. Precious Experience

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rewrite.. Precious Experience

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About four years ago, I have been the Philippines for three month. Before I got there I thought their native language was English. But they use English and Tagalog as an official language. Also Cebuano is used as native language In Cebu. There is also Spanish although a few people use it. The Philippines is definitely multilingual and multiracial society as well. One day I was given a chance to observe class in a high school located in Cebu City. Interestingly there is no Junior High School but just High School that has 4 grades. Because I am a physics teacher, I sat in on physics class. Students learned physics through just lecture without any experiment. One of the most significant things I did was a simple science experimental activity with straws for the students. I was really fulfilled during the activity. I still remember that the students were participating with smile in their face. This precious experience made me eager to know about the country more and more. It also triggered to study English and made me have another reason to live in my life.
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Re: Another Reason to live

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Can you relate some specific examples of cultural differences you encountered?
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Re: precious experience

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I also wonder if we have to different language every region. How terrible!!! when I visited in China, I thought thank you king Sejong, Chinese character was very difficult and complicated. and I've heard their language was different every district. We are lucky!! we only have to know English except Korean.