My first trip to China

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My first trip to China

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About two years ago, I've been to Shanghai in China for the first time in my life. Because of that my first impression of China was very amazing. Most of all I knew that my prconceived opinion about a communist country was wrong. I thought those kinds of countries were undeveloped but It wasn't. They ranked with other highly developed countries. The downtown of Shanghai was very congested. There were lots of people and cars on the streets and very tall buildings.
Shanghai was a hot town. but what most captivating my heart was a back street scenery. There was our provisional government during Japanese colonial period. The place was located in very shabby spot. After I visit there, I could walk about looking in any middle class house here and there. There were kitchens in the outside of every house and there, men were cooking and doing laundry. According to the guide, men usually do the housework. I didn't know what women
do exactly. anyhow, It was very interesting sight for me.
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Re: My first trip to China

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Actually I never been there. Kitchen is outside of the house... um what if it rains or is in winter?
I am so impressed by men usually doing householdchores.
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Re: My first trip to China

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I've read some articles about domestic relationships in China and it sounds like the housewives have a little more power over there over their husbands. Is this true? Did you get to interact with any Chinese people on this trip?
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China?? I dont have enough idea about china. so, I want to hear more. I am wondering China and interesting in there.
What was your first impression of China?? What was the most interestng impression of there?
Do you think that most area in China has the sight what the house-husbands work in their kitchen?