Korean age? Western age?

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Lee Miyoung
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Korean age? Western age?

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Whenever I talk to non-Koreans about age. I am always confused and have to tell them again. because we consider the time spent in our mother's womb to be a year. so a newborn baby already one year old. Also Korean often ask the year of birth rather than the age. Age is a really important factor in Korea. because we have strong hierarchical rules. but in western country, it is totally different. The first time I flew a plane in France I was really suprised. because most of stewardesses looked old and seemed like thier looks not important as much as mine. I don't think their physical age really matter campare to my country. There 's a certain kind of beauty that comes with age. I don't want to dwell on my age.^^
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ICC leeyunseo
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Re: Korean age? Western age?

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Back then I had a difficulty to expalin the korean way of calulating one's age. Espeacilly some koreans go by lunar calender. I don't know how to say...

Jason M. Ham
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Re: Korean age? Western age?

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Really interesting observation. I've experienced both things you bring up as well--confusion over peoples' exact ages and shock when I tranfer from Korean Air to most other airlines. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say Koreans may place more importance on age than in some other cultures. Do you tend to want to know how old people are when you meet them? Do you know how old our ICC classmates are? Do you interact slightly differently with them as a result?

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Re: Korean age? Western age?

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Many other countries don't count when a baby is in the mother's body. It was very interesting issue when I told to my friend who came from Autralia. He liked we count the age before birth because it is meaningful symbol to celebrate the one's life.