Culture; The Way of Life

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ICC leeyunseo
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Culture; The Way of Life

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Culture is defined as sharing beliefs, norms and attitude. In other words, culture is a way of life within which we exist, think, feel and even relate to others. So the culture guides how to behave in a community. Therefore misunderstanding may occur between members of different culture. In order not to misunderstand and misinterpret, we have to be aware of cultural differences. I would like to talk about a part of Korean culture. Have you ever heard ‘상부상조.’ Actually we have regarded mutual help as a virtue. For example, we usually give money for weddings or funerals. This culture is related to wanting to help each other during both the highs and lows of life. When you can't afford to hold a big event such as wedding or funeral, you are given monetary gift. In the end, you normally have to give the same amount back when the person who was helped out from you holds an event.

Clara Park
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Re: Culture; The Way of Life

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Already, I mentioned a similar phrase in my article. Cultrue is all-encompassing aspects of human life.
we are totlly agree that!.ha, ha...
Also, you remind me of our virtue, helping others in need. It's beautiful. *^.~*

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Re: Culture; The Way of Life

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I agree that we have regarded mutual help as a virtue. Unfortunately, these days a spirit of mutual help is almost limited as exchanging money. It is obvious due to change with the time, but sometimes I long for warm human affection.

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Re: Culture; The Way of Life

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Interesting cultural difference. Americans, for example, view cash gifts differently than Koreans. They usually keep te exact value of things hidden. Frankly, I was happier to receive cash gifts at my wedding than toasters and clocks. They helped us pay for the wedding. :-)

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