Culture:The frame of interpreting world

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Culture:The frame of interpreting world

Post by happynum1 »

Defining Culture in a single word is difficult because it is a general and a complicated term. There are lots of definitions of culture. But generally speaking, culture can be defined as a combinated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior. And a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or group. Therefore, It is natural that culture is different from every group or organization. It penetrates people and influence the way people think, talk, and behave. For example, we have learned for a long time, we should respect eldery people, seats for senior citizens are provided in public transpotation. If someone who is younger takes the seat, he or she will be blamed. But it's not general, it's specific for Korean society I think. a few years ago, a France actress blamed us for eating dog meat. I think she could not understand cultural relativism. In conclusion, we should admit that there are differences among other cultures. It should not categorized according to good or bad.

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Re: Culture:The frame of interpreting world

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You right we should understand other country’s culture. I also heard a story about eating dog meat. One day, a soccer game was held. After finishing the game, each player changed their uniform with opponent players. At the time, very famous non-Korean player said to our player that your guys eat dog meat. He despises our culture and didn’t accept. At that time I’m litter unpleasant.

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Re: Culture:The frame of interpreting world

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I've been introduced to dog meat and now I love it. I also love Korean culture ad people. Eating "soo-yook" together with Korean family and friends really helped solidify our relationship--both men and women. For me, I just tried to keep an open mind and frankly I care more about humans than animals. Others do not alwas share my opinion. In fact--funny story--Last summer I had to fight off a German Shepherd (that was charging me and my family) with a scooter. I posted about it on Facebook and a few of my American friends joked that the dog was getting revenge on me because I ate dog meat. :-)

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Re: Culture:The frame of interpreting world

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Why other country people blame Korean eat dog meat? what about Chinese eat a lot of rare food such as scorpion, decomposed milk..
Only dog is one of friend of human? what about rabbit, pig? I don't eat dog meat but no one cannot blame other countries meal culture.

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