Natural process of cultural formation

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ICC Seona
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Natural process of cultural formation

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Two people get together, it is the society. But it cannot be defined as culture. Culture is reflected thinking, talking, and behavior among small groups. So culture is formed naturally and it is passed down to present. Behaviors are represented by the culture. We cannot cognize because it got so accustomed. But sometimes behaviors are often limited by the culture. Culture, depending on how well adapted is the representation of kinship and at the same time is also an expression of difference. Cultural phenomena appear differently, depending on the environmental impact. Consider the case of Korea. In the case of Korea, almost always conversation begins with “Did you eat?” The reason can be seen through the history of Korea. Due to frequent invasion and war in Korea was very difficult economically. Especially from in 1900 to in 1960, Many people starved to death. So “Did you eat” was become a greeting culture in Korea.

Jason M. Ham
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Re: Natural process of cultural formation

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Did you eat yet? Right--I remember a lot of people asking me that in Korea and I was wondering why they cared so much about my eating habits at first. Now, after living here for awhile, I find myself asking my students the same thing--especially justater lnch time. :-)

Lee Miyoung
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Re: Natural process of cultural formation

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Yes.. Seona, this expression is really common thing and I always use this for my family and even friends. whenever I call my mother, I say " Mom, Did you eat dinner or lunch?" why I still ask like this? I don't know why..It seems like just old habit.

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