ODB 3 Linguistic Relativity Example

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Which best explains the relationship between language, culture, and perception?

The Strong Form of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
The Weak Form of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
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ODB 3 Linguistic Relativity Example

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This week, we discussed the following:

We defined linguistic relativity.

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Strong Form: Language largely determines the way we understand our reality
Weak Form: Language, thought, and perception are culturally shaped (interrelated)

We also defined a fluent fool as a person who can speak and/or translate a language well, but lacks the understanding of the culture embedded within that language. (He/she may make few structural errors, but still run the risk of offending others or being offended).

We reviewed Whorf's claim that language largely determines the way which we understand the world around us, meaning the words we use and the way we string them together have a huge effect on our perception of objects and situations in our environment. Our view is determined by our 1st language.

Examples we went over included the Trukese word "araw" and various counters in Japanese based on the physical characteristics of objects.

For your assignment this week, you should discuss the following:
Compare English to Korean. What examples can you find from these two languages that shows how a concept or situation can be interpreted differently because of the language difference?
Good luck with this assignment. Take time to think about this and come up with a good example. Try to think of something that was not discussed in class and be sure to read your peers' posts so you don't accidentally post the same examples. :-)

Remember to write one new topic--a paragraph--and 2 replies to your classmates.

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